Big Four Firm: Raising awareness and improving efficiency


A Big Four Audit Firm uses PathMotion to increase awareness of all its job opportunities, improve candidate experience and save costs on recruitment events. The firm attracts thousands of applicants every year across a variety of roles.


  1. Raise awareness of the variety of job opportunities and programmes available at the firm, including Tax, Actuarial, Management Consulting, Audit, Apprenticeships and gap year placements
  2. Enhance candidates’ experience by enabling them to engage with the firm’s employees

  3. Improve the firm’s presence across social media and in SEO through generating quality, authentic content

  4. Save budget on recruitment events


The firm has been using the platform since 2014, as a micro-site and on its Facebook page. The platform has become a key destination page where:

  1. An average of 1,200+ candidates visited the platform each month during the 2016- 2017 recruitment season
  2. Candidates read over 1,100 discussions published on the platform, including 250+ relating to Career Choices
  3. Through effective SEO work, the platform ranks high on search engine results, making it a key asset for the firm in its promotion of an authentic employer brand.

The platform allowed the firm to save significant time and costs on career events and other more traditional recruitment campaigns. The firm is now organising 50% fewer campus events, instead engaging with candidates through Live Chats and via the always-on platform.

“PathMotion helped us deliver substantial savings in recruitment.”

– Big Four Firm Recruitment Manager

Popular questions on the platform:

  • What would you say makes [the firm] different from the other Big 4? (26,000+ views) 
  • What is your job like on a day to day basis? Do you have to have an accounting degree to be in the audit advisory team? (12,000+ views)
  • What is the first year in tax like? (8,000+ views)
  • What are the ‘must-have’ qualities/attributes that [the firm] is looking for in a graduate scheme candidate? (8,000+ views) 

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