Increase conversion rates and turn passively researching candidates into active applicants with authentic, employee-generated content.

Optimised CTAs

Bridge the gap between career page visitors and quality applicants with clear and instructive calls-to-apply that are highly visible throughout the platform. CTAs target the most engaged candidates for higher conversion and lower churn. In fact, candidates who apply via PathMotion are twice as likely to be hired by the company.

Automated Emails

Keep your most interested talent engaged with automated emails featuring content personalised to candidates, based on their tracked activity across the platform, generating a click-through rate of 21%.

Offer up more relevant content, encourage candidates to apply with clear calls-to-apply and drive their progress through the talent acquisition funnel.

Increase Acceptance Rates

Applicants can stay engaged as they move through the interview process, accessing employees they didn’t meet in person or asking follow up questions. At the NHS, 67% of their graduate new hires said they used PathMotion and it influenced their decision to accept their offer.

Build a Bridge to Onboarding

Keep hires warm and engaged to minimise reneged offers and support new starters as they settle in. Build the bridge from candidate to employee with discussions and virtual events to keep new hires informed of the company culture and looped in with their soon-to-be manager and extended team.


Easy Administration

Talent attraction leaders can manage vacancies, employee profiles, discussion content and live chat events from an intuitive dashboard. Gain a comprehensive view of candidate activity with customisable reports.

Loved by Employees

PathMotion is a platform that has always been effective for engaging early talent, but especially in the current climate where we can’t meet students face to face – PathMotion has provided a conversation with our EY people and potential candidates looking to join EY. It’s a platform that we use for strategic planning too – our live chats have huge value in supporting our student hiring objectives, and we’ve seen incredible uptake in results since March 2020 when the world moved to virtual interaction. We’re thrilled with the responses and results we see from PathMotion.

Verity Pope

PathMotion is a way of extending the conversation past physical events and physically meeting people. One of our worries right now is the fact that we can’t do face to face events for the time being – and how we try to get the level of engagement and quality of conversation carrying on. We’re going into the live chat element of PathMotion, focusing on people in the pipeline and we’ll be extending it to candidates who haven’t yet joined.

Emma Fulton

Candidates use PathMotion because they want to have a conversation with our employees; it’s a two way conversation vs a one way input. This enables them to ask specific questions that are on their mind and then allows us to re-leverage and repurpose that content.

Sandrine Halleux

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Frequently Asked Questions

PathMotion is used across all industries and geographies. We provide transparency into your organization anywhere and everywhere your talent is researching you!

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PathMotion candidates have one thing in common: they are curious, informed and research-oriented. Our candidates invest time in getting to know their prospective employer to ensure they join for the right reasons. Ranging from interns, apprentices and recent grads to senior hires, candidates who use PathMotion represent the most diverse talent our clients hire. 

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Our clients have launched our products at different stages of their Talent Attraction and Employer Branding journey. From launching Live Chats at the beginning of their journey in order to create initial content they can utilise across their recruitment channels, to launching the platform in order to help create content to maintain or enhance their Employer Brand. 

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All of our solutions and pricing are tailored to your specific needs, based on your talent attraction and employer branding goals. Check out our solutions page and get in touch with our team to put together a bespoke solution for you. 

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The PathMotion platform is entirely compliant with the GDPR, it gets consent from users and stores data on European servers. PathMotion is both the controller and processor of the data, and is responsible for its security. 

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We have a dedicated client management team, where you will be assigned an account manager to help you with advice, training, and technical support. We also have a dedicated client questions hotline where you can find the answer to your questions, and if they aren’t there you can quickly ask new questions and receive a response quickly. 

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