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What candidates really want to know in 2022

Hire the best talent by addressing their concerns before they apply In a world of talent scarcity and higher candidate expectations, employers have to make a concerted effort to engage...

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authentic storytelling

Authentic Employer Branding: How to Make it Work with Storytelling

Learn how authentic storytelling works for employer branding and talent attraction in our new report 80% of talent leaders believe employer branding is a key driver of making quality hires, yet only 50% of...

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Early careers and AI: Tech is improving the candidate journey

It is safe to say the newest cohort of candidates entering the workforce has had a far from idyllic start to their career journey. Rescinded offers, a precarious job market,...

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food retail recruitment

Food retail recruitment: What candidates want to know

Revamp your food retail recruitment content From our research on the candidate experience in various sectors, we have found out what exactly candidates in the food retail sector want to...

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employer value

3 Key Ways to Show Your Employer Value

The recruitment process has transformed from one which focused on basic information (skills, education, salary etc) into a complex candidate-centred experience, where potential applicants are treated like consumers. Companies are...

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Diverse candidates: Answer their granular questions

57% of employers believe most of their diverse candidates are lost before they click apply after visiting your career site. Why? Employers repeatedly make the mistake of providing the bare...

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Recruitment content

How to keep recruitment content dynamic

Attracting and maintaining the interest of talented candidates is becoming both increasingly more challenging and important. Yet, employers are neglecting to do one very important thing to improve recruitment content...

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Employee experience

Cater to candidates during a hiring-freeze: Leverage the employee experience

Intern Jennifer O’Malley has written this article for us – enjoy! The COVID-19 health crisis has led to many companies opting for a hiring freeze; to conserve their employee numbers...

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candidate experience

Content is King – Human is Ace: The Truth About Candidate Experience

UNCOVER THE SECRETS OF CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE 90% of candidates say that their experience with a company could change their mind about accepting a role. But only 46% of employers regularly update their recruitment...

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Everything you need to improve candidate experience

What is candidate experience? Candidate experience covers every interaction an applicant has with your business and brand during the hiring process, and how they experience and react to those interactions....

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Data-Driven Series: Amplifying your Brand Value through Mentorship

This week we decided to zoom into one specific industry and find out exactly what candidates in the consulting industry want to know! Interview tips and career advice both rank...

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Data-Driven Series: 4 Steps to Answering Your Candidates’ Questions

Welcome back to our Data-Driven Series, if you missed last week’s article catch up here. Two months ago, our insights and development team began our data collection for our new...

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