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Data-Driven Series: Amplifying your Brand Value through Mentorship

This week we decided to zoom into one specific industry and find out exactly what candidates in the consulting industry want to know! Interview tips and career advice both rank...

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Data-Driven Series: 4 Steps to Answering Your Candidates’ Questions

Welcome back to our Data-Driven Series, if you missed last week’s article catch up here. Two months ago, our insights and development team began our data collection for our new...

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Data-Driven Series: Half of candidates’ questions are left unanswered.

Welcome to the first of a series of five insights, answering the question: what’s on candidate’s minds? Around 2 months ago, we decided to produce original research on exactly what...

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3 Candidate Experience Success Stories from Across 3 Sectors

We know a thing or two about stories here at PathMotion. In fact, we know that the best way to improve your talent acquisition results is to showcase the stories...

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19 Things We Learned in 2019 to Streamline your Recruiting Processes

With the new year coming up, we decided to take stock of the state of the recruiting space. With HR teams globally battling the reality of an expanding skills gap...

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5 Reasons Why AI Recruitment Software is Not Just Hype

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Human Resource Management (HRM) was one of the most remarkable trends among recruitment professionals last year. AI has become commonplace in every other...

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Candidate Engagement – A Platform Creating Connections with Diverse Candidates

Candidate engagement platform – candid conversions that drive conversion and maximise diversity recruitment efforts. Pathmotion offers a highly flexible piece of technology that practically aids in diversity recruiting.  Our white-labelled...

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graduate candidate experience

How EY improve their graduate candidate experience

Candidate experience is not a new trend. It’s an ongoing challenge for talent attraction teams across all industries and geographical locations. It’s also something we’re really passionate about at PathMotion,...

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The HR Leadership Breakfast Debrief 2018

In February 2018, we hosted a series of three leadership breakfasts in New York, Paris, and London, where 50+ HR Leaders discussed and shared insights about candidate experience in personal...

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trust economy

Candidate experience in the Trust Economy

A lot has been written about candidate experience and employer brand and at this point, HR leaders are already aware that a poor candidate experience could negatively impact employer brand....

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sector reputation for talent acquisition

Sector reputation can affect top talent acquisition

All firms have the same hiring goals: to find and attract top talent from focused, challenging academic programmes. Which means that it’s no longer enough to increase talent aquisition by...

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poor candidate experience

Dispelling candidate experience myths

In a world where technology changes constantly, increasing users’ expectations, businesses in all sectors have to adapt their strategies to keep up – not only with their customers, but with...

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