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What candidates really want to know in 2022

Hire the best talent by addressing their concerns before they apply In a world of talent scarcity and higher candidate expectations, employers have to make a concerted effort to engage...

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5 insights to ensure your recruitment content stays ahead!

Based on our recent research into job candidate behaviour, candidates need the space to ask your employees questions with ease (pre and post-application) and recruitment content needs to be dynamic...

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recruitment marketing ebook

Static Recruitment Marketing is Dead!

We recently conducted some research to help improve recruitment marketing. By better understanding exactly what hot topics job candidates have been asking your employees over the past three years, we...

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hiring diversity

Diversity Recruiting: What’s on Candidates’ Minds?

Discover why you cannot afford to miss out on the diversity talent pool Every TA leader and HR recruiter appreciates that we are currently operating in a candidate-driven market. By...

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authentic storytelling

Authentic Employer Branding: How to Make it Work with Storytelling

Learn how authentic storytelling works for employer branding and talent attraction in our new ebook 80% of talent leaders believe employer branding is a key driver of making quality hires, yet only 50% of...

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candidate experience

Content is King – Human is Ace: The Truth About Candidate Experience

UNCOVER THE SECRETS OF CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE 90% of candidates say that their experience with a company could change their mind about accepting a role. But only 46% of employers regularly update their recruitment...

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Data-Driven Series: 4 Ways to Secure Your Future Talent Pipeline from Home

We’re living in a very different world today than we were 2 months ago! With most of the UK workforce safe in their homes – thank you front line workers...

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Data-Driven Series: Ask your Employees to Guide your Employer Brand

In the last three years, we have seen candidates’ asking for more and more details about life in your organisation. Between 2016 and 2019 our data shows a steady increase...

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Data-Driven Series: Amplifying your Brand Value through Mentorship

This week we decided to zoom into one specific industry and find out exactly what candidates in the consulting industry want to know! Interview tips and career advice both rank...

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Data-Driven Series: 4 Steps to Answering Your Candidates’ Questions

Welcome back to our Data-Driven Series, if you missed last week’s article catch up here. Two months ago, our insights and development team began our data collection for our new...

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Data-Driven Series: Half of candidates’ questions are left unanswered.

Welcome to the first of a series of five insights, answering the question: what’s on candidate’s minds? Around 2 months ago, we decided to produce original research on exactly what...

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