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What candidates really want to know in 2022

Hire the best talent by addressing their concerns before they apply In a world of talent scarcity and higher candidate expectations, employers have to make a concerted effort to engage...

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authentic storytelling

Authentic Employer Branding: How to Make it Work with Storytelling

Learn how authentic storytelling works for employer branding and talent attraction in our new report 80% of talent leaders believe employer branding is a key driver of making quality hires, yet only 50% of...

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Mars recruitment content: How they do it

Who are Mars? Mars is a world leader in the gum, confectionery, food retail, and pet sectors, as well as a trailblazer for social change. Advocating for sustainability, gender equity...

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Picture Perfect: How imagery impacts recruitment marketing

Imagery aids the senses. A single photograph can transport us to a wonderful elsewhere that we can touch, hear, and feel with our mind’s eye; all based on the visual...

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repurpose content

How to repurpose your storytelling recruitment content

Repurposing is on the rise! Google searches on content repurposing have steadily increased within the past 5 years, meaning that more and more people are taking on this strategy. This...

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telecom and tech

Telecomm & tech recruitment: What candidates want to know

Shake up your telecomm and tech recruitment content From our research on the candidate experience in various sectors, we have found out what exactly candidates in the telecomm and tech...

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[Webinar-on-Demand] Static Recruitment Marketing is Dead

We recently conducted some research to help improve recruitment marketing. By better understanding exactly what hot topics job candidates have been asking your employees over the past three years, we...

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Recruitment content

How to keep recruitment content dynamic

Attracting and maintaining the interest of talented candidates is becoming both increasingly more challenging and important. Yet, employers are neglecting to do one very important thing to improve recruitment content...

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How to Use International Days of Celebration to Create Recruitment Content

There is a cause for celebration every single day of the year. From National Hot Dog Day to International Day of Happiness, there are no shortages of people, foods, inventions,...

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Reduce Your Recruitment Costs with a HR Tech Solution

Technology solutions and the data insights they provide have transformed talent acquisition, learning and development and talent management practices within HR functions. There are always new approaches emerging to reduce...

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5 Actions You Need to Take to Address Candidates’ Questions

Chances are, diverse talent acquisition challenges still threaten your company’s attempts to deliver on your diversity recruiting goals. Diversity recruiting strategies need to be re-thought in order to capture the...

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Why Your Blind Hiring Processes Aren’t Helping Your Diversity Recruiting Strategy

The practice of blind hiring is on the up-and-up as the realisation that unconscious bias is an inherent part of human nature. Combined with the push to do better in...

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