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Top 5 Employer Branding Statistics for 2021

Employment Branding (or employer branding) is growing as a top investment priority by well-known brands globally. Companies are investing in beautifully designed corporate videos and campaigns. And it isn’t just...

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Early careers and AI: Tech is improving the candidate journey

It is safe to say the newest cohort of candidates entering the workforce has had a far from idyllic start to their career journey. Rescinded offers, a precarious job market,...

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Mars recruitment content: How they do it

Who are Mars? Mars is a world leader in the gum, confectionery, food retail, and pet sectors, as well as a trailblazer for social change. Advocating for sustainability, gender equity...

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social storytelling

Meet candidates where they are: Social storytelling for talent attraction

Repurposing recruitment content is a sure-fire way of gaining control of your return-on-investment. In our recent blogs – if you have been lucky enough to read them – you will...

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Picture Perfect: How imagery impacts recruitment marketing

Imagery aids the senses. A single photograph can transport us to a wonderful elsewhere that we can touch, hear, and feel with our mind’s eye; all based on the visual...

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Repurposing employee stories: Which ones are best?

The bottom line of employee stories is to inform candidates of workplace realities so that they are compelled to apply. Employee stories provide a more immersive experience, add credibility to...

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repurpose content

How to repurpose your storytelling recruitment content

Repurposing is on the rise! Google searches on content repurposing have steadily increased within the past 5 years, meaning that more and more people are taking on this strategy. This...

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5 insights to ensure your recruitment content stays ahead!

Based on our recent research into job candidate behaviour, candidates need the space to ask your employees questions with ease (pre and post-application) and recruitment content needs to be dynamic...

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employer branding

Be a Conscious Employer for Your Candidates Now

Social media is becoming more influential by the second, and from this a ‘cancel culture’ has emerged and become a well used practice to quash brands and individuals alike for...

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nhs employee advocacy

The NHS and Employee Advocacy: A success story

In a candidate-driven market, it’s harder and harder for organisations to turn candidates into employees with many job hunters turning to online employer reviews as part of their research efforts....

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employer value

3 Key Ways to Show Your Employer Value

The recruitment process has transformed from one which focused on basic information (skills, education, salary etc) into a complex candidate-centred experience, where potential applicants are treated like consumers. Companies are...

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Diverse candidates: Answer their granular questions

57% of employers believe most of their diverse candidates are lost before they click apply after visiting your career site. Why? Employers repeatedly make the mistake of providing the bare...

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