PathMotion Product Update


Increase your applications via the platform in selected months

Apply Boost function

The new Apply Boost setting on the platform can be switched on to increase the amount of prompts candidates receive to encourage them to apply for a role. This should be enabled when you wish to significantly boost applications: whether this be during your key recruitment drives, linked to specific marketing campaigns, or during periods that you tend to see fewer applications.

The default platform pushes only the most engaged candidates to apply based on the discussions they view and interact with, as well as having a fixed apply button in the main header (see below):

Apply button

When this new Apply Boost function is turned on, additional CTAs are enabled and the number of visual prompts increases, so these therefore reach a higher number of candidates:

Apply boost 2

Check your Apply links to make sure the engaged candidates are directed to the right place by following the Apply link on the front end of the platform. If you need to change the link, chat to your Client Success team.

Talk with your Client Success team to enable the Apply Boost in your chosen months and check out this discussion on Exchange about it.

Talk with your Client Success team to enable the Apply Boost in your chosen months.

Widen your talent pool with interview tips

Interview Tips

We want to make sure that your candidates are as well-informed as possible on your application process and that all of their interview-related questions are answered. The new Interview Tips section is our latest innovation to facilitate this: additional CTAs give candidates the opportunity to sign in and unlock a section of insights and discussions relating to your interview and application process. The platform automatically collates these insights from existing questions candidates have asked and answers Insiders have given on the interview process:

Interview tips 1
Interview tips 3
Interview tips 4

They have to log in to view these, so this will encourage more candidates to register and set up an account on the platform, therefore increasing the size of your talent pool:

Interview tips 2

This larger talent pool means that you’ll be able to further engage with these candidates and they will receive the automatic re-engagement emails which encourage them to join future Live Chats and explore more discussions.

Why not make the most of this function and share it with your recruiters or job boards? It is an opportunity for them to share this with the candidates that they interact with and even add it to their email signatures. This way, it is a quick and easy way to prepare candidates who have an interview coming up.

Check out this discussion on Exchange on the topic.

We will be tracking the impact that this new feature has on candidate registration and continue to develop the process.

Questions about these updates?

Visit PathMotion Exchange, reach out to your Client Success Manager, alternatively click below to get in touch with our support team:

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