PathMotion Product Update


We want to make sure as many candidates as possible attend your Live Chats and get insights from your Insiders. The PathMotion Product team is proud to unveil the new exciting Live Chat features they’ve been working on.

Increase the number of subscribers and attendees

More frequent subscriber notifications

To increase the number of subscribers who attend the Live Chat, all subscribers now receive notifications 7 days, 3 days, 24 hours and 10 minutes before the Live Chat event starts.

Live chat email

Live Chat registration prompts

Unregistered users browsing discussions will be prompted to sign up to a Live Chat. This will increase the number of candidates in your Talent Sourcer and the number of subscribers to Live Chats — win-win!

Live chat pop up

Promotional tips

Once you’ve created a new Live Chat, you will be given suggestions on how to promote the event. We’ve gathered best practices from hundreds of past Live Chat events to create these top tips to save you time promoting and increase the number of subscribers.

Live chat promo

Promotion reminder

If your Live Chat has fewer than 40 subscribers registered, you will be notified a week in advance and given some suggested promotional ideas. This will increase the attendance for your Live Chats and expand the impact of your Insiders’ answers.

Check these new features out, set up a new Live Chat now.

Questions about these updates?

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