PathMotion Product Update

MARCH 2020

Personalise your candidates’ experience with the content shown

Welcome Mat

Our new Welcome Mat appears when a candidate first visits the platform. It gives them the opportunity to indicate their position in the hiring process: “Not yet applied”, “Applied”, “Been interviewed”, “Received an offer”, “Accepted an offer”. This will tailor the content that the candidate sees based on the answer they give.

This is beneficial for the candidate as they will automatically see content we know is relevant to the stage they’re at. For example, when a candidate selects “Applied”, they will be shown discussions on interview tips. When “Not yet applied” is chosen, discussions on “Why us?” and company culture will be shown first.

This will also allow you to better understand your candidates as it gives you data on their stage in the application process. 

LBG screenshot

This is a very new feature and is still in testing phase, but we will keep you updated with the results as testing continues.

Feel free to let your account manager know if you are interested in being part of this or any future testing!

Questions about these updates?

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