PathMotion Product Update


Keep your Insiders engaged by allowing them to manage the questions they receive

We’ve been listening to feedback from Insiders and heard that they were sometimes receiving questions they can’t answer. Whether it’s a topic they are unfamiliar with, that someone else is better placed to answer, or just because they are too busy.

Insiders would have to reach out to admins to ask them to re-allocate, creating more work for you. Or, even worse, some would choose to ignore the question, leaving the candidates without the answers they need. We wanted to make this process better for everyone.

The Solution:

Insiders can now choose to reallocate a question themselves and indicate a reason for doing so. The reason given by the Insider will subsequently dictate the action taken:

  1. The question will be automatically reassigned to an Insider in the same job category as them
  2. The question will be sent to the admin contact to reassign to the right person

The Insider will simply need to click through to the question on the front-end of the platform using the link in the email they receive and select the option to reassign the question.

If a question is left unanswered for a certain period of time, after sending reminders to the Insider, the platform will automatically take the next steps:

  • If unanswered for two weeks, the question will be reassigned
  • If unanswered for six weeks, the question will be removed from the platform

The Benefits:

This update provides benefits for everyone using the platform:

  • For Insiders, they only need to answer questions they feel apply to them, and the process of flagging less-relevant ones is hugely simplified. In turn, they are less likely to become disengaged with the candidate questions on the platform and will be able to provide quality responses to the questions they do answer
  • For admin contacts, you will receive fewer Insider requests regarding specific questions, so will need to spend less time manually seeking out questions and reassigning them. You will also have a group of engaged Insiders answering your candidate queries
  • For candidates, they are more likely to receive a high-quality, timely response from the person in the organisation best-placed to do so
We are currently testing this feature with a handful of clients and Insiders, and will gradually roll it out over the coming weeks. 

Questions about these updates?

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