PathMotion Product Update


Curate the content on your platform and accurately filter questions on chosen categories

Following the recent release of our first ever machine learning model that we’ve built, taught and integrated into the platform, the next step is the curation of content, enabled by this accurate categorisation model.

The goal:

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the content on your platform is high quality and helpful for your candidates, but we know that sometimes they can ask questions on topics that you might not want to answer on the platform. This risks Insiders receiving too many questions, and potentially leaving candidates without an answer.

Our updated tool allows us to work with you to restrict specific question categories, in order to avoid this happening and ensure that the content is relevant. The tool identifies the questions that are associated with your chosen topics, then alerts the user and prevents them from asking the question.

What does this mean for you?

  • If there is a specific topic that you would prefer candidates didn’t use the platform to ask about, you are able to block those questions, accurately.
  • This setting can be turned on and off as you wish: you may want to add a temporary restriction on a category for a particular time of year, depending on your recruitment cycle.
  • This will reduce the workload of your Insiders and avoid them receiving questions that they shouldn’t have to answer.

Previously, the tool blocked specific keywords. This meant that occasionally the user could get around it by tweaking their keywords slightly, or questions could be mistaken for the wrong category. This new, more intelligent system uses machine learning to accurately identify the question’s category and make sure the correct ones reach your Insiders.

Want to know more about the entire machine learning update? Last month we explored the process in-depth, and looked at what it means for the rest of the platform. Read the blog post here.

Don’t worry, we’re not just telling the user “no”: this system is set up to help both you and your candidates. When a user attempts to ask a question that falls into a restricted category, a message (of your choice) will be displayed. This message could:

  • Advise the user to ask another question
  • Direct them elsewhere for the answer (e.g. your career site)
  • Encourage them to browse other existing discussions on this topic

You have the choice between two types of restrictions:

  1. A soft block will display the chosen message, allowing the user to read it and then make the decision as to whether they want to continue asking the question.
  2. A hard block will not give this option, it will only display the chosen message. It does not allow the user to post the question.
We interviewed Jacek, our Lead Machine Learning Engineer, about his experience and the process behind this product update. To read the interview, click here.

More specifically, you can bar “parent” categories, for example, Applications, or you can stop certain “child” categories, for example, Application Advice or Application Status. You are able to see the list of category options on the front-end of your platform, on the left-hand side of the Discussions & Stories page:

ENG categories screenshot

You are also still able to put your own keyword restrictions in place for very specific situations and words.

Already have some ideas of question categories that you want to avoid candidates asking? Please get in contact with your account manager to put a category restriction in place.


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