3 Candidate Experience Success Stories from Across 3 Sectors [Video]

We know a thing or two about stories here at PathMotion.

In fact, we know that the best way to improve your talent acquisition results is to showcase the stories of your employee advocates. Candidates are sceptical of what employers say about themselves. According to Talent Board, a third of candidates say they want to see more content on why employees want to work for a company and why they stay—straight from the source.

Not convinced? Here are three stories from our clients in three different sectors about how they’ve used storytelling to improve their candidate experience.

Mars Helps Candidates Engage on their Own Terms

Alex Horner, Global Talent Marketing & Digital Manager for Mars shared how PathMotion helps to engage candidates no matter where they are in their candidate journey. In this video, he shares his thoughts on how storytelling has helped enhance the candidate experience for Mars.

“It is fundamental that you harness the power of your current employees and associates. They’re the ones actually living the day-to-day and will give a true perspective of what it’s like to be a part of the business,” shared Alex.

“PathMotion gives us the opportunity to have [candidate] conversations at a much broader scale with different subsets of talent. They can ask questions and find questions that have already been answered. It feels like they’re engaging with the organisation without having spoken to a recruiter.”

Access to employee stories at all stages of the job search can make a huge difference for candidates—often influencing whether they apply or accept job offers.

NHS Empowers Candidates to Make Informed Career Decisions

Rob Farace from the NHS Leadership Academy shared a story with us about a discussion on their PathMotion instance about work-life balance within their Graduate Management Training Scheme.

“Through the stories of real-life people, the platform gives candidates a unique way to understand the culture of the NHS and make an informed decision on their application,” Rob said.

“There is one question in particular that really stands out for me, which was around work-life balance on the scheme. It’s important for us, because we know it’s a demanding scheme, and we need people to be fully aware of how much time and commitment is involved.”

“That question was raised a couple of years ago, and it’s got almost 6,000 views and is still organically growing,” he shared.

“People are still adding to the thread, both in terms of questions and answers, and it’s certainly been really helpful. I’ve spoken to candidates who have chosen both to apply and not to apply because of the information in there.

“The most important thing is they feel that they’ve done it in a positive way. Rather than negatively being put off and dropping out of the process, they feel that they have decided based upon real information, which has been put to them in a helpful and constructive manner.”

What better way to create a positive candidate experience than to empower candidates to make informed decisions about their career!

Citi Enhances the Candidate Experience through Employee Storytelling

Long time PathMotion user Emma Britton, EMEA Graduate Recruitment Marketing Manager for Citi, shared how stories from employee advocates has facilitated more human connections between candidates and employee advocates at a scale that they can’t achieve with campus recruitment events alone.

“Employee storytelling is a really important tool for us. It’s really the only way we can differentiate ourselves from some of our other big competitors. It’s our employees who can really tell candidates what they do and what it’s like to work here,” said Emma.

Emma also shared that PathMotion makes it easy to “encourage our employees to be involved and tell their stories so [candidates] can really get an insider view of how Citi is run. Candidates use the platform to bring Citi to life, to understand what the different business areas do and to learn more about Citi as an organisation.”

If you’d like more information about the impact that storytelling can have on the candidate experience, check out our research report, Authentic Employer Branding: How to Make it Work with Storytelling. Learn the science behind how storytelling can influence behaviour and emotional connection to employer brands like yours.

Happy Candidate Experience Day from all of us at PathMotion!

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