5 insights to ensure your recruitment content stays ahead!


Based on our recent research into job candidate behaviour, candidates need the space to ask your employees questions with ease (pre and post-application) and recruitment content needs to be dynamic to attract and engage top diverse talent. It is also time to establish that employees are best placed to answer candidates’ questions and that this content then needs to be made readily available for everyone.

While certain topics (company information, role description etc) were already growing areas of focus for candidates to enquire about, over the last few months the topics of diversity and work/life balance have become key. This research brought out 5 valuable insights to draw attention to:

  • Keep recruitment content dynamic
  • Prepare to answer granular questions 
  • Add value to the candidate experience
  • Show transparency in your statements and answers
  • Focus on your sector’s unique hot topics

1. Keep recruitment content dynamic

Research shows that although candidates continue to ask questions on traditional topics such as role description, career advice, interview tips and company information, these only represent 50% of the questions that candidates are asking. The other 50% are on wide-ranging topics on candidates’ minds such as diversity, challenges experienced within the role and work-life balance – these questions are simply not being answered.

It is highly important to ensure that recruitment content is constantly changing and improving to ensure that all of candidates’ questions and needs are being met. If this effort is not made then a content gap will arise.

For example, during the recent months of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant rise in questions being left unanswered (due to a lack of dynamic, up-to-date recruitment content), at a time when candidates need transparency and insight the most.

2. Prepare to answer granular questions

You need to be thoughtful in your answers to candidates and give them the platform on your career site to ask all the granular questions they want to ask. If you don’t, the consequences could be less than favourable – 57% of employers believe most of their diverse candidates are lost before they click apply after having visited their career site.

If you are not answering the questions on a granular level nor providing the detail candidates expect, it is as though you are not answering them at all and you risk losing them to review sites such as Glassdoor etc.

The old adage “the devil is in the detail” is very relevant to this valuable insight.  Details are increasingly important to candidates and as they now need far more than just facts.

3. Ensure recruitment content adds value to the candidate experience

Enhance the candidate experience by focusing on giving candidates value on areas such as career progression and career advice. Your company can add value by commenting on career advice, opportunities for training, mentoring candidates and so on.

This will strengthen your employer brand value by showing that you are an attentive, conscious employer to both current and prospective employees. Subsequently, top candidates will be attracted to your company. 

4. Show transparency – candidates will ask tough and challenging questions

Always be transparent and honest when answering candidate questions, whether the topics are specifically requested/in demand or not. This will show authenticity and increase engagement.

One of the best ways to have honest discussions is by having employee advocates give feedback and insights to candidates. Your employees provide credibility to company values and statements, and are far more likely to be taken seriously by candidates. They are the one true source of truth for candidates, especially on topics about ‘life in the organisation’. Have them be part of spreading your recruitment content.

5. Address hot topics in your sector

No industry is the same and the topics candidates choose to focus on change depending on which sector your company is situated in. For example, hot topics in the food retail industry are very different to the hot topics in the telecom and tech industry. Understand which topics candidates are expressing the most interest towards in your sector and align your content to match them. Ensure candidates have the opportunity to ask questions on these key topics too.

It is key that you keep your candidate content dynamic and to have a constant awareness of topic trends in your sector. Ensure your employees can answer even the grittiest of questions (being honest while they do it) and make the content available for all. 

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