All Candidates Want for Christmas – Recruitment Style

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With the big day just around the corner, festivities are in full swing… but it’s not too late for talent acquisition professionals to evaluate their current candidate recruitment efforts and make a few tweaks to ensure that you maximise your chances of securing the best talent in the new year.

‘Tis the season to decide your next move with a slowdown in work demands, this time of year sees professionals taking the time to re-evaluate their current strategies and reflecting on what tools they can purchase as a timely gift for their teams to alleviate the pressure to fill roles. It’s time to embrace a tool that will not only introduce efficiencies in the recruiting process but also deliver a highly personalised experience for candidates.

With seven sleeps ‘til Christmas, let’s get into the four wishes for candidates this season – and how PathMotion can deliver them to you in style.

1. Authentic employer branding

Attracting top talent in a competitive labour market boils down to a unique and compelling employer brand. Creating an employer brand means establishing why your organisation is the place to work – whether that’s because of working arrangements that embrace flexitime, a culture that fosters innovation and teamwork, a benefits package that includes private healthcare or a strong commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. With 75% of job seekers considering a company’s employer brand before even applying for a role, and over half (52%) visiting the company website and social media sites to determine the answers to the questions they are looking for, showcasing your employer brand through your website is imperative.

Build an authentic employer brand by giving candidates the content they want from the source they trust most—your employees. Effortlessly create recruitment content (text and video) that not only adds value to your career page, but also drives traffic to your site and that can boosts your social media efforts without additional cost.

2. Access to employees…and their stories

In a time when the candidate experience is becoming increasingly digitised, the human element remains a critical element. And who better to provide that than your employee advocates? By providing a means for candidates to hear, first-hand, employee stories, you can increase the emotional connection and trust candidates feel towards your brand.

The PathMotion platform delivers just this, with 77% of candidates who used PathMotion to chat directly to employees said it improved their perception of the firm they were considering. By giving your diverse employee advocates a platform to share their real-life experiences working at your company, PathMotion makes your candidates more likely to become applicants as they connect with actual employees. In an age where social proof is serous capital, employee stories (and the conversations built around them) dispersed at scale, are the missing link in the candidate experience. Relevant conversations are central to our candidate-driven conversations – candidates can ask questions that are centred on their specific needs and their career goals.

3. Highly specific answers

Let’s be honest. Corporate communications often fail to vibe with candidates because they cannot offer the personalised, highly-specific information that candidates are seeking. Curated content on the careers site is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to providing candidates with the answers they are looking for.

Go beyond “corporate speak” and give your candidates the answers they truly need through an authentic response from an employee in a similar life position. So, the provision of highly specific information can only come by way of candidate-employee dialogue. And this is where your employees come in. They can provide honest and authentic responses to the questions candidates really want answers to.

PathMotion allows candidates to ask questions that are relevant to them, their specific needs and their career goals. In this way, the TA team can manage candidates’ expectations of job roles and company culture. The platform is dedicated to allowing candidates to ask specific questions about the jobs they want, and letting employees answer honestly.

And this outcome is a win-win as your TA team benefits too. This authentic content is available 24/7 on the career site and can be shared to various channels – with one-click publishing to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. TA professionals spend 40% less time following up on candidate questions. Access to specific answers means your organisation can increase the quality of applicants and reduce churn.

Further into the funnel, candidates can continue to engage with employees they may not have met during the interview process or ask follow-up questions they didn’t get a chance to ask in person. We boast up to a 200% increase in qualified applications for our clients, with their job offer acceptance rate improving by 65%.

4. Mixed-media content delivery

Generation Z are digital natives – the first generation to be born straight into the age of smartphones, AI-enabled virtual assistants, and self-service platforms. With the digital world driving Gen Z, your hiring processes must be keeping up. Your content needs to be mobile optimised for both ease-of-access to content and application purposes.

User experience (UX) is important, but don’t neglect the means of content delivery. Text-based information is simply not enough. To create the kind of candidate experience that will engage Gen Z, explore the use of video, social media shares, and live chats. These means of content delivery share the instantaneous and seamless characteristics associated with the digital world.

The case for video is backed by stats –74% of Gen Z would prefer to connect with employees face-to-face than via other formats. And face-to-face doesn’t mean in real life. Employers should use video in conjunction with live events – think live chats that enable candidates to receive answers on-demand. This will aid recruiters and hiring managers to reach and communicate with Gen Z in a manner that they prefer, through technology that’s already in their hands nearly 24/7.

And that concludes your candidate’s Christmas wish-list! A candidate engagement platform is an example of how humans and technology can seamlessly integrate to deliver an enhanced candidate experience. Using tech to showcase your employees’ personal stories can sell candidates a stellar candidate experience that converts them into hires. When it comes down to it, all candidates want for Christmas…is you!