Be a Conscious Employer for Your Candidates

A tale of transparency – candid or cancelled?

Social media is becoming more influential by the second, and from this a ‘cancel culture’ has emerged and become a well used practice to quash brands and individuals alike for poor values and actions. Because of this, it is important to be as transparent as possible about your business practices (on all your communication channels) to demonstrate that you are a conscious employer.

Conscious employer

Be authentic

We have spoken previously about the importance of being aware of and catering to the ethical job seeker, who values honesty and moral business methods. This is highly relevant in today’s world as your employer brand, and its success in enticing top talent and loyal customers, is dependent on public perceptions.

It may seem that the easiest way to have the best brand image is to conceal recognised faults, but it may work best in your favour to own your shortcomings and address them openly. This can easily be done through publicly answering all the *tough, granular questions candidates may ask about your organisation. After all, authentic employer branding involves genuine communication and trust (both with the public and within an organisation) that the employer will uphold its public branding in the workplace and with its practices. And *note, questions are only tough when you fight against transparency. Openness is easy (honest!). 

So, when an employer promotes an image which does not align with the realities of its workplace, or is seen as inauthentic to prospective employees, this will automatically harm the employer brand. It will serve to deter talented candidates in future and may impact current employee retention.

Answering questions or even addressing topics before candidates have to inquire about them will show that you are a proactive, authentic, and conscious employer who is ahead of the game when it comes to candidate experience. 

The Power of Honesty

Now we all know no company is perfect, and although the state in which a company’s workplace is today may not be reflective of how they wish it to be, there is nothing wrong with that! So long as there is transparency about this. 

When a company is honest, acknowledges its shortcomings, and provides a strategy they are implementing to fix them, this effortlessly creates authenticity that will be appreciated by both prospective and current employees. An organisation that is proactive in its employer branding proves itself to be a desirable workplace that welcomes improvement and change.

The Advantages of Activism

Being open with your candidates about the realities of your company is a great foundational step. The next step is showing how you are improving these realities in your organisation and industry. The final step is ensuring these improvements are consistent and continuous, rather than just a fad to get you brownie points in the short term.

Doing this can be hard work, even for the most socially conscious of companies. So, it is important to keep in mind all the benefits that come from addressing the ‘tricky’ topics:

1. Earning your social stripes

By approaching topics like diversity and sector specific struggles, you can set a precedent in your company and industry – showing that honesty should be the norm not a scarcity. By cultivating an open environment and inclusive practices, this will have a significant impact on both the candidate and employee experience, with the potential to make these practises have a global reach and spread to other sectors!

Ben and Jerry’s are a prime example of a company doing it right and having an authentic social conscience. They have a prolific history of activism, using their notoriety to raise awareness and show support for same-sex marriage, climate change, Black Lives Matter, among other causes.

Go Ben and Jerry’s!

2. Attracting top talent

Ethical consumerism continues to rise and with that a demand for conscious employers.  We can expect job seekers to want to work for mindful employers that are constantly changing and improving.

So, even if your organisation is not exactly where you want it to be on the workplace and practices front, your transparency is the tool with which you show candidates why exactly they should work for you – more transparency equals more talent! 

By using your voice to highlight your practices and improvement strategies, you may be more of a mindful employer than you think.

3. New partnerships and business opportunities

Wearing your badge of honesty loud and proud will attract the right kind of attention. Stating your beliefs and practices will open your business up to opportunities with like-minded companies who also want to make a change. Combining forces on projects can make your company’s message much stronger, have a farther reach, and attract top candidates and customers to your organisation. They do say two heads are better than one.

For example, companies Better Nature and Spill have teamed up to highlight the important message of taking care of your mental health in the workplace. By doing so this allows their message to pack a greater punch and also bring attention to their own important causes; mental health and a better planet (through the power of tempeh).

With these benefits there’s no time to dilly-dally! Get down to talking about those tough topics and watch as your employer brand and candidate experience transforms through transparency. 

Who should speak on those tricky question topics?

Employees are your best business advocates. They give credibility to your values and policies, with candidates being more inclined to believe the position of employees, as they live and breathe the environment you provide for them. Your employees are a persuasive asset in your recruitment strategy and their stories should be heard.

At PathMotion, our platform and automations help you to show off your employee stories in the best way possible, to entice the best talent. Our chatbot, live Q&A events, videos and more allow top talent to heard from your employees in dynamic and engaging ways.

Be memorable as a conscious employer and leverage your employee stories (we need them).

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