Candidate Engagement – A Platform Creating Connections with Diverse Candidates

Candidate engagement platform – candid conversions that drive conversion and maximise diversity recruitment efforts.

Pathmotion offers a highly flexible piece of technology that practically aids in diversity recruiting.  Our white-labelled platform enables candidates to directly ask questions to employees, which provides the granular content that is, in part, missing from the first point of contact – the careers site. Through our always- on (24/7) Q&A Platform and Live Chat Events, this granular content is generated through authentic and persuasive stories of diverse employees. Scaling this content is made possible through a combination of social media sharing and plug-in functions that drive search engine optimisation. Ultimately, the granular content generated is automatically shared to active diverse candidates to sustain their engagement, and maximise the likelihood of reaching the conversion stage in the recruitment pipeline. In this way, PathMotion enables the seamless integration of solutions to the diversity recruiting challenge into a comprehensive piece of HR technology. We offer an all-in-one way to achieve granularity, storytelling , and scale. 

In efforts to explain how to recruit a more diverse workforce, Talent Attraction (TA) and Employer Branding (EB) leaders do not have a comprehensive solution to implement. It is likely that the number and complexity of approaches outlined in a company’s diversity recruiting strategy makes the prospect of a comprehensive solution . Whilst each company’s diverse recruitment strategy differs, the best of them are proactive, placing the candidate experience at its core.

To  create a good experience, you must engage. And so,  content is king in efforts to deliver a stellar recruiting strategy that places candidate engagement front and centre.

The content gap, as we have determined in our most recent eBook, is the limiting factor in the acquisition of diverse talent. With 57% of HR leaders believing that candidates drop off after visiting the career site – the most intuitive place to find out about a company’s commitment to diversity – it is evident that content available does not truly cover what’s on diverse candidates’ minds.

What’s on their minds? The results from our eBook further revealed that their interests are specific. Specificity drives the demand for granular content; and it is powerful. Granularity increases relevance; relevance increases engagement, and ultimately, this engagement drives conversion.

The provision of sought-after information, most readily available through content in the online space, is , therefore, the crux of how to explain how to recruit a more diverse workforce.

How Do You Develop and Disseminate Granular Content?

By leveraging the power of an interactive candidate engagement platform that enables a two-way dialogue between diverse employees that can authentically respond to the questions posed by diverse candidates. This bottom-up approach flips the traditional top-down content creation employed by most companies. As such, it will enable your company to differentiate itself as the content you have available is a significant departure from the generic career site content that saturates the HR space.

Traditional human resource technologies such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)  and Human Resource Information Systems continue to be implemented in the HR space today. Yet, they cannot access candidates that aren’t applying in the first place. As we’ve established, it’s diverse candidates that are dropping out before this point, and so it is time to embrace the technology afforded by the candidate engagement platform to reel them in.

PathMotion offers a comprehensive candidate engagement platform that generates granular content, delivered by way of immersive storytelling by the very people that are best placed to provide the answers – your representative diverse workforce.

Through PathMotion, you can implement all three solutions to the diversity recruitment challenge: specificity, storytelling, and scalability, and recruit a more diverse workforce.

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How Does a Candidate Engagement Platform Offer a Comprehensive Solution for Diverse Recruitment?

Bottom-up generation of granular content

Passive communication is not well received by diverse candidates. Both Millennials and Generation Z are active consumers of information, so specific content that addresses their pressing issues – from job purpose and training to culture and working environment – is the way forward.

But with HR content saturating the recruitment space, the pressure to deliver information that both distinguishes itself from competitors and engages diverse talent is high.

However, by shifting gears to granular content creation, the recruitment approach is also shifted from advertising to engagement. In this way, candidates control the direction HR content takes and as more candidates engage, more granular content is organically synthesised.

How does PathMotion help?

Our core discussion platform allows questions to be posted by diverse candidates anywhere at any time, and ‘Insiders’ (your dedicated employee representatives) can answer at their convenience.

Through it, the granular content generated by employee-candidate exchange affects the candidate experience in the following ways:

  • Targeted granular content – candidates will be directed to relevant insiders, and insiders will answer the most popular topics to produce targeted content.
  • Video content – Insiders can respond to selected questions by video:

While granular content works to engage candidates directly (and drive conversions) our platform also works to re-engage candidatesThe granular content generated is automatically shared to active diverse candidates to sustain their engagement and maximise the chance they are driven to the conversion stage in the recruitment pipeline. This is achieved without additional effort from HR and Insiders as we offer:

  • Active Candidate scoring that ranks candidates’ level of engagement on the platform:
  • Automatic prompting of deeper engagement with the proactive candidates

The engagement afforded by granular content over generic content is appreciable. According to Rob Farace, Senior Programme Lead in Resourcing at the NHS Leadership Academy:

“Our jobs page on our corporate site is hardly visited at all, but our live chats have been so effective in talking to people about the scheme and the organisation”

Our Live chats are hour-long topical events where up to 100 candidates can ask their questions to a group of your Insiders. Live Chat events can be public or private and our clients organise them around different topics such as:

  • Diversity topics – women in banking and the LGBT network @ Citi; our policy for handicapped workers @ SNCF, etc.
  • Jobs they have difficulties recruiting for – Warsaw office @ Citi; Cyber-security @ Deloitte, Technology/Engineering opportunities, etc.
  • Private live chat events – offer holders or onboarding purposes to convert quality candidates

You can explain how to recruit a more diverse workforce to your Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding teams by presenting a candidate engagement (and re-engagement) platform that offers a concrete way for diverse talent to engage with the diverse workforce. With the expansion of digital forms, engagement has driven the demand for continuous operation. As such, we offer a strong competitive differentiator for your company – uniquely, in that our platform it is always on –  and your end-user experience is not disrupted.

An Engagement Platform as a Soapbox for Storytelling

Storytelling is an instrumental diverse talent engagement tool: according to our research, 57% of the 1,000 candidates we surveyed regarded real-life stories and experiences as indicators of a company’s commitment to diversity.

So, if you want to explain how to recruit a more diverse workforce to your HR teams and company stakeholders, use your representative diverse workforce to tell their story. This way you provide authentic, granular answers to diverse candidates’ questions.

Furthermore, by delivering stories through a candidate engagement platform, greater opportunities for storytelling exchanges are created through insightful discussions.

But they need to be told by the right people

The top five issues candidates care most about are also the issues that can be best communicated by your employees. These include your firm’s values; why people want to work at your company; employee testimonials; why people remain; and diversity and culture in your workplace.  

Information told as a story and delivered by your diverse representatives renders the content on the platform persuasive, and the authenticity afforded by the diverse employee voice rivals the CEO-certified corporate messaging offered on your career site.

Diverse employees are ideally placed to portray your business1 and can best respond to most of your candidates’ top questions2

Scale the Platform to Maximise Candidate Engagement

Diverse employees are limited in their candidate engagement efforts in real-life scenarios (i.e. university fairs and interviews) but a digital platform enables these efforts to be maximised.

Through online channels, the ability to scale globally whilst still maintaining a personable, authentic feel is possible. And so, another means through which HR leaders can recruit a more diverse workforce is by scaling their efforts.

The PathMotion Platform achieves scale through integration which begins on the career site and extends further:

  • Social sharing – Automatic search of  discussions by popularity, utility or by keywords; all of which can be shared across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.   
  • Career site chatbot – Providing instant responses to candidate queries by retrieving historical content generated by employee replies (and your career site’s FAQ) to provide quick access to authentic answers. A case for its use comes from Talent Board’s research; they found a 69% increase between 2017 and 2018 in employers using chatbots on their career sites, which is the go-to source of information for job seekers.
  • Plug-ins – Integration of content to your job ads and careers site through dynamic plugins.
  • SEO The granular content generated on the platform and scaled through integration with social media and plugins is readily available; next time a diverse candidate Googles ‘diversity at [your company]’, the first result returned will land them on your career site, with a real-life story from an employee.

These features enable you to scale your efforts and increase the authenticity of your brand, resulting in greater engagement, retention and candidate conversions. Also, as all content generated on the platform is optimised for search engines, diverse candidates can find exactly what they are looking for.

For an in-depth breakdown of the issue of diversity talent acquisition, check out our comprehensive guide. You’ll get to the bottom of the challenges and benefits and get concrete actions to help you maximise impact on your diversity recruiting strategy.

PathMotion: A Pioneering Candidate Engagement Platform

With unemployment rates at a low and a shortage of technical skills across many sectors, diverse recruiting has become more difficult, leading to escalating competition from employment brands. As such, there’s an increased expectation of diverse talent marketing campaigns and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven tools to deliver. 

We at PathMotion believe a new approach is needed. The time to think about how companies can acquire diverse talent is now.

HR technology is already changing the landscape of diverse talent attraction – and by strategically leveraging it to augment sourcing and boost recruiting productivity, you can stand out from the crowd.

And that’s where we can help.

Listen to Alon Laniado, PathMotion Co-founder talk in detail about why diverse talent is failing to be enticed by employers:

Our technology allows companies to competitively engage diverse talent – by providing a digital space that enables granular content, delivered through authentic narratives, to be disseminated at scale. We offer a branded discussion platform where select employees share career stories to answer candidate questions provides a solution to diverse candidate attraction.

All of this is made visible; our technology can easily be integrated across your key recruitment collaterals, from your career site to Facebook and Twitter.

The platform also takes no time to implement. It’s set up can occur parallel to other initiatives currently taking place. It also functions separately from your ATS, so diverse candidates can freely browse content without restriction. Instead, PathMotion will drive interested candidates to the landing page of your ATS.

With our candidate recruiting platform, you can engage diverse candidates at every stage of the recruiting process – from browsing and passive interest through to interviews and conversion.  Even if your career site is in between updates or even undergoing an overhaul, launching our platform and building persuasive content in advance will result in a more impactful career site once released.

By building employee stories focused on career topics asked by candidates, your employee value proposition (EVP) is enhanced – and efforts to update and/or refine it are no longer contradictory.

Ultimately, PathMotion is the pioneer and leading provider of employee-to-candidate engagement software for companies. By enabling selected employees to share their career stories to answer candidates’ questions via online discussions, we help employers attract top talent.

We’ve helped companies across more than 15 sectors, including the likes of Deloitte, Accenture, the NHS, Citi and more, to increase their qualified applications by over 200% and improve the acceptance rate of 65% of their hires. 

To see how our platform achieves this in practice, click below to book a demo.

1 – Edelman, Trust Barometer Report, 2017

2 – Talent Board, North American Candidate Experience Research Report, 2017