Citi EMEA Boosts Employer Brand to Drive Diverse Talent Acquisition

With the competition for graduate talent heating up and the power of the candidate growing in the recruiting world, the perception issues Citi EMEA faced in 2014 were compromising their ability to attract talent from diverse backgrounds.

The perception problem was three pronged.

First, candidates often have the misconception that Citi is solely an employer for those looking for a career in the financial services, despite the variety of roles in the organisation, including those dedicated to computer science, marketing, HR and more.

Plus, following the economic recession the banking sector itself was still facing scrutiny and mistrust. The demise of Northern Rock and the nationalisation of Lloyds and RBS set a precedent for the sector’s reputation, despite reform — and this negative perception was still being pedalled by the media.

Finally, the sector has been plagued by bad press around the lack of opportunities for women and other minority groups.

Re-Establishing Individuality in the Recruiting Process

In order to adapt to Millennials and Generation Z and their preference for individualisation, Citi knew it needed a way to address each individuals’ preferences while engaging a more diverse set of workers–and at scale.

PathMotion enabled Citi EMEA to gain control of their content, and in doing so, regain control of their conversion and localised employer branding, candidate experience, and process efficiencies.

Here’s a recap of how we supported Citi EMEA in their employer branding revamp.

Check out the full case study outlining how Citi revamped their Employer Brand and improved their diverse taleny acquisition and conversion.

The Challenges

Citi EMEA was struggling with:

  • The manual process of recruitment professionals answering repetitive candidate queries.
  • Problematic perceptions deterred applications from diverse talent
  • Misaligned employer branding as a result of a globally managed corporate career site

The Solution

Citi EMEA implemented the PathMotion candidate engagement platform to generate:

  1. Highly specific content capable of driving candidate conversion through an enhanced candidate experience
  2. An employer brand aligned with the values and experience of Citi EMEA’s team
  3. Streamlined processes to improve recruiting efficiency
  4. More informed candidates who can deselect themselves at an early stage in the recruiting process, thereby reducing the volume of irrelevant applications
  5. Increased HR team efficiency by reducing the dependence of in-person recruiting initiatives like on-campus events

Listen to Emma Britton, the EMEA Graduate Recruitment Marketing Manager for Citi give us her take on what PathMotion has help Citi EMEA achieve:

Since Citi deployed PathMotion in 2014, they have created 6,270 discussions across 4 categories, and have run 141 live chats with 15,609 engaged candidates participating.

Following the fast and easy deployment of PathMotion on the Citi careers site, by simply copying and pasting one line of code, Citi began to see results:

1. Improved candidate engagement through content

Over 72,559 candidates have registered to receive re-engagement emails, boasting an open rate of 38.38%. The most popular discussion has received over 14,000 views. Plus, candidates are directed to ‘Similar Discussions’ listed on every conversation they consume, enabling them to continue their experience and consume more candidate-driven content across 6,400 discussions.

2. Wider reach for the Citi EMEA employer brand

Through candidate-driven content creation, nearly 80% of Citi’s platform users found the PathMotion discussions via online searches. This enhanced search engine optimisation (SEO) was made possible by the generation of keyword-heavy content generated by authentic discussions on the platform. An additional 23,000 platform visitors originated from social media, solidifying the reach of their employer brand.

3. Better candidate experience

Following live chat events, 77% of participants said their perception of the company improved, with 98% of users expressing an intention to apply. Citi also saw an improvement in their Net Promoter Score (NPS) when candidates were queried about their hiring process experience. The PathMotion discussion platform ranked as one of the most frequented pages on their site.

3. Improved talent conversion rates

Over 8,000 proactive responses to the ‘click to apply’ call-to-action were generated in their first year of Citi’s launch. In addition, when surveyed, 37% of live chat event participants said they were motivated to click Apply after the event. 

To learn more, head over to the Citi case study to read an in-depth breakdown of how Citi EMEA has revamped their employer brand using the PathMotion platform.