Content is King – Human is Ace: The Truth About Candidate Experience

Discover how you can improve the candidate experience throughout the recruitment process to attract and retain high-quality applicants.

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90% of candidates say that their experience with a company could change their mind about accepting a role. But only 46% of employers regularly update their recruitment processes.

Could the experience you provide your candidates be costing you money and high-quality hires?

In this Ebook, we unveil our research on candidates’ experiences and offer advice on how to improve your recruitment process to deliver the experience (and value) that candidates want.

The Ebook Covers:

  • What is Candidate Experience? 
  • Why You Should Care About Candidate Experience
  • What Candidates Care About Most
  • Creating the Candidate Experience Applicants Want
  • Putting Theory into Practise: How to Improve Your Candidate Experience

How can we help?

PathMotion is an online discussion platform that connects job candidates directly to real employees via the company’s career website.

PathMotion lets today’s digitally savvy job seekers find the content they truly want by allowing employee advocates to share their personal stories through online discussions, live chat events, video content and social media integrations. This improves the employer brand and accelerates talent acquisition and recruiting. Organisations like Air France, Deloitte, Post Office, AXA, the NHS, Citi and more choose PathMotion to increase their qualified applicants by over 200% and improve their job offer acceptance rate by 65%.

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