Data-Driven Series: 4 Ways to Secure Your Future Talent Pipeline from Home

We’re living in a very different world today than we were 2 months ago! With most of the UK workforce safe in their homes – thank you front line workers – we have seen a dramatic and instant change in the workplace we knew before. Companies like Just Eat are booming with a 50% increase in takeaway orders. Whereas, other employers are seeing a decrease in revenue resulting in hiring freezes, furloughs and in the worst cases, having to let people go. So, it may seem strange that we decided to talk to you today about securing your future talent pipeline but wait, don’t close the tab yet. The best talent will help you as a company move towards your goals, as well as, prompting change where your company needs it most. 

Now, more than ever, it is important that you secure the best talent for your company in the future. But, how do you do this from home? Well, our article today will give you four ways to assist in securing your future top talent, from home. 

Provide a safe space to ask questions

We’re living in a candidate-driven market, and we’re not expecting this to change after the pandemic. So, you must provide candidates with the answers that they want. 

Even though candidates have more control today than ever before, many candidates still seem hesitant to broach topics that companies don’t usually tend to address, such as salary and culture. Yet when they are asked, candidates flock to read the answers. Why? Because these are the topics candidates want to know about. 

VW_05_PATHMOTION_GRAPH DESIGNS_05 (1)VW_05_PATHMOTION_GRAPH DESIGNS_06 (1)Candidates may be surprised by the openness of some companies as it’s not the industry norm to address these topics. However clearly, there is an appetite for this content and it emphasises the importance of having this information readily available to candidates without waiting for them to ask. 

So, where can you open this space for them to ask questions safely and without the fear of judgement? This safe space can be through the content you post across social media, within live discussions, integrated discussions into the content within your career site or video calls where your candidates can ask these questions directly to you. But, what will make this space feel safe and open?

Answer their questions honestly 

We found that when questions are answered honestly, and openly, candidates flock to them. Why? Because this creates a safe space to find out the answers. If there are honest answers to questions readily available to read, then candidates are more likely to ask you the other questions on their mind. 

We had a look at exactly what people in the consulting industry wanted to find out and we found a surprisingly large difference between the percentage of questions asked and the number of views on the questions. Within the consulting industry, only 5% of discussions are on company culture yet the existing discussions take up 12.5% of total views. Company culture is the most prevalent difference.


So, what does this mean? It means that candidates are looking for the answers to their questions before actually asking them. However, it is your job to make sure the answer they find is satisfactory. 

To provide the most satisfactory answers, we recommend being honest. Authenticity is key. People are truth lovers, curious and will find honest answers elsewhere if you don’t provide. 75% of job seekers consider the employer brand before applying, and 52% visit the company website and relevant social media sites to find out extra information. If you don’t give them trustworthy and honest answers, they will find them on platforms like Glassdoor, where you have less control over what they see.

Provide employee stories to back up your answers

Candidates want more than just the facts. They want to hear directly from the horse’s mouth. The horse in this scenario is your employees. It is key to provide employee stories to back up your answers. Providing employee stories will let job candidates buy into the challenges your employees face and will give them a better understanding of topics like the culture, salary, day to day life, and diversity within the company. People want to know that there are people like them working for your company – so, show them! Provide employee stories to back up your answers, and you will amplify your employer brand, meaning more applications from the right candidates.

We delve deep into how, why and the semantics of getting them on board in the articles below:

4 steps to answering your candidates’ questions

Ask your Employees to guide your employer brand

Keep them warm

Once they’ve applied and are going through the interview process, make sure to keep them warm. Don’t forget about them. Candidates’ can always back down after they have applied, after-all we have seen a 20% increase in candidates withdrawing their applications

To prevent this happening, you need to ensure that they are engaged and interested throughout the whole application process – from the moment they press apply, to the moment they step through the door (or in the current circumstances – open their new work laptop from their bed). 

But how do you do this? Firstly, you need to continuously keep candidates informed about where they are in the process. Sound time-consuming? It is a little – but providing the right candidate experience early on sets you off for a good relationship, which means there is less risk that they’ll ghost you. If they do go quiet – then send them some funny content or a blog article that you loved, to remind them that you exist. Remember if you’re keen, they probably have a few other recruiters and companies trying to get them to join too!

When you are interviewing them, make sure to take the time to fully understand their goals. This is the way you will find out if they are a good fit for your company and allows you to show that you are invested in their future. At the end of the interview, make sure to provide a clear timeline for them to hear back from you. Don’t go silent – make sure to keep them informed. And once you have given them an offer – ensure your employer brand delivers on its promise. 

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