Data-Driven Series: Amplifying your Brand Value through Mentorship

This week we decided to zoom into one specific industry and find out exactly what candidates in the consulting industry want to know! Interview tips and career advice both rank in the top five topics that candidates in this industry want answers on. Suggesting that consulting candidates are seeking mentorship, at many stages in their careers. This  provides an opportunity for companies to improve their candidate experience by mentoring candidates, providing the help that they are asking for and therefore amplifying their brand value. In turn, this can also attract the right candidates for their company. Please note, this is not exclusive to the consulting industry.  Mentoring candidates across all industries will be beneficial to your employer brand.

So, let’s find out what mentorship means today and what it will mean for your brand value.

What exactly is mentorship?

Mentorship is the act of guidance where a less experienced person is given advice and taught by a trusted advisor. We see it in the form of a company’s senior employees mentoring a job-seeker on the interview process and how they can best present themselves, or providing authentic and honest advice on pursuing different career paths. Mentorship takes many forms and what is most prevalent in this day and age is that the Millennial, and Gen Z look for more diverse and fluid mentorship

Diverse and Fluid Mentorship

With 90% of the current job market being candidate-driven, and nearly 30% of their questions surrounding career advice and interview tips (PathMotion, 2020), it is your responsibility to step up and provide candidates the mentorship that they are asking for. However, Millennials and Generation Z have a different perspective on the work-place than the generations that superseded them, which has a great impact on the mentorship that they seek and expect. 

Growing up in an era of change where little remains stagnant, these generations seek change within the companies, careers, and roles that they pursue. But, what does this mean in the context of mentorship? Individuals are not looking for one mentor for the rest of their careers instead, they are seeking fluid and short-term mentorships to get them from point to point. Mentors in the stage before application as well as, during the interview process are important because this is when job-candidates can move around in their role, seek different industries and ask for different challenges within their next role. Once these stages are complete, the mentee may no longer need this specific mentor and may seek another.

Diverse mentors are key as current candidates also seek mentorship in subjective aspects of entering the workforce, for instance, an LGBTQ+ individual may seek assistance with how to find support groups within the workforce and ask what they can do to promote change within their company. Which prompts us to ask why mentoring is so important for your candidates’ experience?

Mentoring boosts Candidate Experience

Did you know that 69% of companies say candidate experience is a “critical” or “very important” topic and 99% of respondents say improving candidate experience would also improve brand image (Talent Board and Career Arc)? Mentoring gives you the chance to improve the candidate experience by answering an extra 30% of candidates questions.

The information candidates want to find out is not just specific to each sector, it is also specific to each candidate profile, subjective, and always-changing therefore, providing static content is not the best option.

Candidates are living in a world where even ads on their social media pages are personalised to them. Instead of static content, you may look into providing content through different channels such as online discussion forums, video chats, and live chats. This kind-of content will capture the candidate’s attention and answer their questions in a way that generic career site copy, stock images, and flashy edited videos can not. If you are looking to mentor your candidates, then consider utilising storytelling throughout your career site and provide options for candidates to chat directly with your employees.

Mentoring and its relationship with your Brand Value

Brand value relies greatly on what you are willing to give to your candidates and employees, and what makes your brand different from competitors. If 30% of candidates are asking for interview tips and career advice, then there is a gap in what information and help employers are currently providing their candidates, which poses an opportunity for you to amplify your brand value by mentoring candidates.

Mentoring is your chance to grab the bull by the horns, or the candidate in this context, and steer them towards your company. You have the chance to show candidates why they should choose your company over the alternatives. Mentoring builds trust and if mentorship is in short supply, which is what our research suggests, then you instantly have a way of adding value to your brand. 

Please note that only 1% of candidates ask employers questions on companies social media and career sites. The other 99% of candidates contribute very little or are simply lurking, with the wish to consume the information that is already out there. We discovered that nearly 40% of these “lurkers” also want to find career advice and interview tips (PathMotion, 2020), meaning that the act of mentoring is not always direct. Most people seek mentorship through secondary means such as videos, webinars, and discussions which they can view. 

If you would like to find out more about improving your brand value and candidate experience then read our ebook; Content is King – Human is Ace: The Truth About Candidate Experience.

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