Early careers and AI: Tech is improving the candidate journey

It is safe to say the newest cohort of candidates entering the workforce has had a far from idyllic start to their career journey. Rescinded offers, a precarious job market, mass-emailed rejection notices, you name it and the 2020/21 newcomers have encountered it. But as is the way with adversity, people and organizations have and will come out stronger, seen with a new age of AI-backed recruitment arising from this hard beginning.

AI in the form of chatbots, discussion platforms, applicant screening and more is facilitating the experience of digital-native (and expectant) candidates who deservedly require a smooth recruitment process end to end. The coronavirus shook up the recruitment sector but this industry is coming out on top – finding ways to connect with candidates in a remote working world and strengthening their practices along the way.

Tech is easing uncertainty

For anyone starting a new role, especially their first full-time position, getting used to a new office environment and culture can be daunting. Mix that in with remote working and things have gotten a bit more tricky. Uncertainties about navigating workload and meeting expectations are now compounded with worries of correct corporate etiquette and building connections with colleagues virtually. So how is tech helping?

Discussion platforms
Before a candidate considers applying for a role, they need to know about all facets of an organization. Discussion platforms help with this. Timeless topics on the likes of company culture and work/life balance can be discussed with candidates and emerging issues can be addressed quickly – take the pandemic and recent organizational developments as examples. As opposed to a press release or general company statement, having employees answer candidates’ questions directly will provide a personable experience that may do a better job of easing candidate worries.

See this instance on our client’s platform where a candidate asked about feminine hygiene in the British military:

tech candidate journey

Here a corporate statement would not have cut it, however, an employee answer filled with understanding and encouragement does the job nicely.

Progress trackers
As 42% of Millenials and 44% of Gen Zs say they are stressed all or most of the time, an application progress tracker that candidates can view is a great investment that can help alleviate worries associated with their career prospects.

Brighterbox, a graduate recruitment company, uses a 3 part progress tracker to visually share where in the recruitment process candidates are: CV Received, Reviewing, Outcome.

tech candidate journey

Having this gives clarity and removes worried thoughts of, ‘Did my CV reach them okay?’, ‘Will they even look at my CV?’, ‘It’s been a few days, have they even considered me?’.

Tech is personalising the candidate experience

One of the key ways technology is currently enhancing the candidate journey is through personalisation. Tailored content and bespoke recruitment processes are frequently used to guarantee candidates feel they are listened to, catered to, and treated as individuals.


tech candidate journey

Chatbots provide a tailored experience instantly. Due to the coronavirus, interaction and engagement have been somewhat limited this past year. However, chatbots strive to fill this gap. They connect with candidates to help with anything from onboarding, answering questions, candidate screening, and more. This is a fun way to get candidates talking and engaging with an organization before they even meet an employee!

Our chatbot guides candidates through recruitment content. They can choose which topics to view and if they want to see more of them. Taking candidates through recruitment content step-by-step allows them to see the wealth of information a company provides – preventing them from asking questions on issues that already have available answers.

Machine learning

“It’s the way of the future”

Mark Brandau, Principal Analyst at Forrester

Coming in various forms, machine learning in recruitment has been established through Application Tracking Systems, talent sourcing, and candidate screening. A new way machine learning is coming into the recruitment space is through monitoring candidate behaviours on career sites to see their engagement, fit, and which recruitment content may be useful to them.

At PathMotion, we use a machine learning model where candidates are presented with discussions most relevant to them. 13% of candidates using our platform engage with this feature, highlighting how personalisation never goes amiss and candidates love finding the answers to their questions.

Candidates want to be treated like they are individuals, not 1 in a sea of thousands of other applicants. Machine learning helps you achieve this.

Tech is building a graduate community

A benefit of technology that spans all sectors is its ability to connect people with others. 86% of employers are already using virtual interviewing methods to keep connections alive, but can we go one step further? True connection is not fostered by Zoom calls alone – by April 2020, Zoom was hosting over 300 million meetings daily, making a once novel way to chat with candidates and co-workers now a very common play in every employer’s handbook.

For real connections to establish, there also needs to be an emotional exchange – in this case providing young starters with support, consideration, and a sympathetic ear. The best way to do this is to build a candidate community where they are able to interact and relate to others, ask questions, and be provided with answers. AI (you guessed it) can help with that.

Gals Who Graduate

tech candidate journey

These gals know how to build and sustain a community. Facilitated on Instagram and Facebook’s platform, Gals Who Graduate (GWG) is a community for fresh graduates and long-ago leavers who look to each other for support and advice. Topics range from post-uni blues and how to land an internship to promoting members’ small businesses. GWG is a large, dynamic community that is founded on honesty and authenticity – the result of this is many members have gone from virtual pen pals to in-person friends (pre-pandemic).

From one community builder to another, we give Gal Who Graduate their well-deserved accolades.

How can this be replicated on a corporate level? Using the PathMotion platform, of course. Provide value to the candidate experience with our plug-in platform that allows candidates to ask employees directly for advice and seek support. Employees helping candidates with interview tips, career advice, and corporate etiquette will be an invaluable resource to fresh starters and will no doubt make your employer brand stand out.

Live chat events
Instant messaging has come a long way since its concept creation in the mid-60s and it still remains one of the most persevering forms of communication. This type of technology sits beautifully within the recruitment process as it gathers a large pool of candidates effortlessly and addresses their most pressing issues quickly.

Prominent professional services firm, EY, uses live events to segment recruitment concerns so their staff can focus on clarifying all candidate questions on the subject. Recently, EY carried out a live chat event, ‘Building Future Talent’, where candidates could ask any early career questions to EY apprentices. During this live chat, preparation techniques, career choices, workload, salary reviews, and a variety of other subjects were discussed. That is a significant amount of vital information in such a short time!

Live chats ensure the candidate journey runs smoothly and efficiently. It is definitely an approach to consider.

tech candidate journey

What tech will you be using?

There you have it! Tech and the candidate journey go hand-in-hand. It is doing wonders for the candidate experience and there are countless AI options to explore. All that is left is for you to decide which one is right for your company.

Happy picking!

PathMotion tech enhances your candidate journey

Companies such as Mars, the NHS, Deloitte, AXA, and more have chosen the PathMotion way of improving recruitment experiences. 

PathMotion connects job candidates directly to real employees via the company’s career website. Employees act as company advocates by sharing their stories and experiences with candidates who use these insights to help inform their application decision. Employee stories can be shared via online discussions, live chat events, video content, and social media integrations. This improves the candidate experience and employer brand, as well as accelerating talent acquisition and recruiting. 

Find out more at www.pathmotion.com and follow @PathMotion on Twitter.

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