Static Recruitment Marketing is Dead! – Focus on what candidates are asking your employees

Discover what topics candidates are asking and why you need to keep your recruitment marketing content dynamic

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We recently conducted some research to help improve recruitment marketing. By better understanding exactly what hot topics job candidates have been asking your employees over the past three years, we have developed key insights that will transform your future candidate marketing efforts.

How do you answer candidates’ questions and disseminate content most effectively?

Discover what topics candidates are asking in your industry and why your employees are the best people to answer their questions. We also explore the need for showing transparency and enabling content to be easily available for everyone – question views (not just the questions asked) are critically important indicators of recruitment marketing success.

From this new research, you can put our candidate insights into practice, improving and adding value to the candidate experience and your career site content, all while ensuring your company is flexible, agile and responsive.

How can we help improve your recruitment marketing?

PathMotion is an online discussion platform that connects talented candidates directly to real employees via the company’s career website.

PathMotion lets today’s digitally-savvy job seekers find the content they truly want by allowing employee advocates to share their personal stories through online discussions, live chat events, video content and social media integrations. The content can then be shared across social platforms and the career site – meaning that you only have to answer each question once (instead of hundreds of times)!

PathMotion helps improve the employer brand and accelerates talent acquisition and recruiting. Organisations like Air France, Deloitte, Post Office, AXA, the NHS, Citi and more choose PathMotion to increase their qualified applicants by over 200% and improve their job offer acceptance rate by 65%.

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