Hiring in 2020 & Beyond: Future-Proof Your Talent Attraction Strategy

Within the next 10 years 15% of all employees are on track to being displaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Digital transformation isn't a new phenomenon, but many HR professionals have been caught off guard. Will your talent attraction strategy keep up with the changing landscape?

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Four Trends That Will Shape Your Talent Attraction Strategy in 2020 and Beyond

As the war for talent rages on, technology is changing the role of talent attraction. Gen Z are demanding a host of changes that stand to shake the nature of work and hiring. Now is the time to adapt your talent attraction strategy. 

AI will eliminate 1.8 million jobs but create 2.3 million – Gartner

Technology is shifting how applicants find and apply for jobs and how recruitment teams will source, interview and onboard talent. The role of the recruiter as we know it will change.

Are you ready for hiring in 2020 and beyond?

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  • What jobs you’ll recruit for in the future — hint: they don’t actually exist yet

How can we improve your talent attraction strategy?

PathMotion is an online discussion platform that connects job candidates directly to real employees via the company’s career website.

PathMotion lets today’s digitally savvy job seekers find the content they truly want by allowing employee advocates to share their personal stories through online discussions, live chat events, video content and social media integrations. This improves the employer brand and accelerates talent acquisition and recruiting. Organisations like Air France, Deloitte, Post Office, AXA, the NHS, Citi and more choose PathMotion to increase their qualified applicants by over 200% and improve their job offer acceptance rate by 65%.

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