How to repurpose your storytelling recruitment content

Repurposing is on the rise!

Google searches on content repurposing have steadily increased within the past 5 years, meaning that more and more people are taking on this strategy. This comes as no surprise as the average time spent on content creation ranges between 1 to 6 hours, with blog writing time increasing by 63% over 6 years.

Repurposing recruitment content is a top marketing tactic and a handy way to make the most of your content creation efforts all while engaging (or re-engaging) talented candidates.

To show you how to upcycle your storytelling recruitment content I’ll be using an answer from PathMotion’s platform for some examples. Here is the original content:

repurposing recruitment content

As you can see it is in written form only. Written content should not be undervalued as it is the basis of all other content assets – it’s a highly effective form of communication and without it you’d be undiscoverable on search engines and have no content to reuse in future! The one hold-up with written content is that people are notorious scanners of online information, therefore other elements and mediums are required to gain and maintain the attention of the reader.

Let’s take a look at what those are:

Top ways of repurposing storytelling recruitment content

1. Add audio

Audio-based mediums have seen a massive rise in popularity in recent years. It is estimated that 189 million people in the US alone listen to online audio material monthly, which is almost 30% more than in 2015.

To convince you further that you should leverage audio when showcasing your employee stories, audio apps that utilise storytelling such as Audible and Calm are doing extremely well. Employee stories may not be as high octane as the newest thriller novel or as zen as Matthew McConaughey reading you a bedtime tale, but they are still absolutely worth telling – audio will provide that extra immersion for candidates where they can truly picture themselves working with you.

So give it a go by repurposing recruitment content with audio. Have your employees read and record their stories – there’s no need to change the script, just read stories with honesty and flair to make your content even more appealing and digestible.

Sound bites can easily be plugged in right next to the written content or published on your social channels alone.

  • Showcases your employee’s personality without being too invasive – This is the better option for those of us who are passionate about sharing insights with candidates but are just a tad camera shy.
  • Perks of an audio channel without setting one up – You are providing candidates with the audio offering they want without the commitment needed to produce a dedicated channel. Or, if you are considering starting one up, you can see how well candidates engage with the sound bite.
  • Wider and deeper reach – You’ll be reaching an audience that may not have the time to sift through written content and would rather listen on the go. Listeners today primarily consist of Millennials and Gen Z, making audio perfect if you’re looking to attract candidates from this talent pool. On top of that, as 93% of those who start a podcast finish it, audio is a very lucrative medium to connect with candidates on.

2. Turn it into a video

Stories are meant to be emotive, insightful, and thought provoking – video helps you do just that. Visual cues guide the viewer through the storytelling journey as they are able to emphasise and clarify key events and points.

As well as this, it’s just what people want to see! Age groups 45 to 54 and 25 to 34 are the leading voices that want to see video content from their desired brands. So whether you’re seeking a talented junior candidate or a well seasoned professional, it seems repurposing your storytelling recruitment content into a video is the way to go.

What types of video to go for?

  • Classic portrait shot – Talking straight into the camera gets your message across clearly, allows people to see who you are, and enforces that your stories are authentic and from real employees. PathMotion’s platform does this seamlessly by allowing your employees to record video response to candidate questions.
  • Animated video – For when you don’t want your face on camera but still want to bring your story to life. Animated videos can be just as engaging as a person-centred video while allowing a bit more creative freedom.
  • Reaching a larger audience – It is estimated that people will watch 100 minutes of online videos everyday in 2021. By repurposing recruitment story content into a video, you will be reaching a large audience who is eager for new and noteworthy content to watch.
  • Video is more convincing Video increases purchasing behaviour by 64% suggesting that the best way to get candidates to buy into your company values and apply is through this method.
  • More can be said in video – Due to the proliferation of information on the internet, people are inundated with content which causes them to narrow their attention. Because of this, there is a shorter window of opportunity to present new and engaging ideas. Video allows a lot to be said and seen in as little as 30 seconds compared to written formats.

3. Create social assets

Simple yet effective is the key phrase here. Create beautiful looking assets to share employee stories on your socials.

  • You can do this by using PathMotion’s social sharing option

Our platform has one-click publishing, where you can share discussion content regarding employee stories directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

PathMotion technology picks the recruitment content most rated by candidates and converts it into branded ready-to-publish social media content – increasing the reach and engagement of your stories.

*TIP – If you like designing your own materials, we are firm fans of Canva for creating quick social assets. If you don’t have a design team on hand to help you with your every whim, why not try it out.


4. Make a social revival

Repurposing does not always mean changing medium – it can just be changing platform.

If you’ve only published your stories on your careers site or did so on socials a year ago, how about (re)sharing it on socials? Reignite conversation on your social channels by having a ‘content-iversary’ or a discussion post about your older content.

Sanctus, a company providing mental health support in the workplace, do this frequently and do it well. They have reposted videos talking about what Sanctus is all about and challenges they have done in the past. This allows their content to have another lease of life and be exposed to new followers.

  • No remodelling – There’s no need to change your content into a video or any other material. Simply repost encouraging new discourse. Easy!
  • Shows steady and consistent values – Choosing to repost content that may be a year or more old means that you still care about the same issues and values. Especially regarding employee stories, having stories from a year ago that still ring true today means that you provide the same considerate employee experience consistently. With consistency comes certainty – which is exactly what candidates want when applying for a job role.

Repurpose your storytelling recruitment content now!

Don’t be the one to miss out on the new wave of multimedia use – repurpose your employee stories to suit the wants of your desired candidate pool.

For more information on storytelling recruitment, check these out:

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