How to Keep Recruitment Content Dynamic

Avoid the fateful content gap by keeping content fluid

dynamic content

Attracting and maintaining the interest of talented candidates is becoming both increasingly more challenging and important. Yet, employers are neglecting to do one very important thing to improve recruitment content and the candidate experience – answer their questions.

Answer non-traditional question topics

Our research found that compared to the standard topics candidates inquire about on career sites (e.g. role description), questions on non-traditional topics like role challenges and diversity all went unanswered. 

Not answering questions so early on in the recruitment process creates a knowledge drought. Dissatisfied candidates will then seek out company information from alternative, unmoderated sources or apply elsewhere to organisations that quench their need for answers. 

So, with potential applicants being dissuaded when confronted with a content gap – why are companies (even your company perhaps) not answering?

Do they not know the answer? 

Do they not know how to appropriately answer? 

Are they ashamed of the answer?

No matter what the case may be, it is still in the company’s best interest to answer as many candidate questions as possible, to both increase the engagement of recruitment content and address their queries. Even if the answer is ‘we’re working on it’, it is most certainly better than nothing, and it is this honest and candid behaviour that candidates will appreciate and relate to.

Questions – a trick or treat?

Candidates deviating from the typical question topics should never be stress-inducing or seen as them trying to ‘catch you out’ on bad practices. Rather, non-traditional topics should serve to stimulate both your organisation and prospective employees.

Not having all the answers can be a strong positive as it leads to dynamic content. You now have the space to discuss novel issues with candidates – creating a conversation and hopefully building a trusting relationship.

These interactions are useful as you can get to know more about your candidates by asking questions of your own to improve communication. This can provide intel on how to improve your company, as well as their experience with you. Having honest discussions with prospective employees can (when done right) generate interesting content to engage future candidates and show off your employer brand in the best possible way – as active, insightful and genuine.

Communicating with candidates should be considered as a treat that informs your company’s tactics and supplements your employer brand. For example, answering novel topics on your careers page or through socials can help prepare your employees for similar questions during interviews. This ensures that your company ideals are shared and upheld throughout each recruitment stage.

Keep up with current events

Example: The COVID content gap

Dynamic content requires constant upkeep of pressing candidate questions and awareness of current events. Without doing this, the content gap can widen and leave your candidates wanting more (and not in the good way).

While the pandemic has caused consumer-focused marketing efforts to flourish, through adapting to the rising need for content, it appears that candidate-focused marketing has suffered. Our research reports a 40% increase in unanswered questions from candidates since the COVID-19 crisis emerged; a time where clarity and reassurances are needed most. This has been a tough period for many businesses but we must remember that it has been equally as difficult for job seekers. Taking the time to soothe their apprehensions will do a world of good to their experience with your company and for your brand image.

We are in uncharted territory – it is time to answer the novel questions and not by way of a generic corporate message. Address the real queries and granular questions, for example:

  • ‘How has your company dealt/is dealing with the crisis?’
  • ‘Are you recruiting or cutting?’
  • ‘Can you be certain that I’ll have job security if I apply to this position now?’

How you behave in this environment will have lasting effects on your business. You have the chance to distinguish yourself as a responsible employer who, through dynamic recruitment content, engages and accurately informs candidates. Do not be the brand that is evasive and contributes to the COVID information muddle.

How exactly do you make dynamic content?

Now that we know the benefits of answering and the repercussions of fuelling the content gap, the next step is action. How can you appropriately generate dynamic content and answer all that candidates want to know?

The short version? Dynamic recruitment content requires dynamic sharing methods – employees’ stories are one of the best.

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