Mars recruitment content: How they do it

Who are Mars?

Mars is a world leader in the gum, confectionery, food retail, and pet sectors, as well as a trailblazer for social change. Advocating for sustainability, gender equity and human rights has earned them the title of one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies, making it no surprise that they are also shaping a positive environment within their walls. 

Consistently sharing their company missions and values, both on their website and across socials, has allowed their corporate brand to flourish. Combined with PathMotion technology and their own efforts, Mars’ stellar reputation has now extended to their employer brand and candidate experience too. 

How have they done this?

Using employee stories.

Showing what a company truly stands for cannot be conveyed by corporate statements and press releases alone; employees and their experiences are the key. Mars knows this fact intimately. From interns to senior executives, everyone has the opportunity to voice their thoughts on life at Mars, for the benefit of prospective employees and consumers alike. This fosters a space of openness which enhances the candidate experience and in turn prevents dissonance between Mars’ employer and corporate brand. 

See for yourself how Mars is helping their candidates with employee voices at the forefront:

And so, revisiting the question of ‘Who are Mars’, it seems that their people are the most appropriate source to answer this question. After all, it’s the people that make the workplace – and candidates tend to agree.

How does Mars share their recruitment content?

Mars has made it abundantly clear that employee stories are the recruitment content needed for a top employer brand – but what do you do once you have them? Phase two, as it were, is to harness these stories for talent attraction. And where best to gain the attention of top talent than on social media?

Our discussion platform, alongside their own avenues, has connected candidates with Mars employees globally – supplying written, evergreen content that can be easily circulated on socials in desired formats. 

Mars’ favourite format for sharing recruitment content is undoubtedly video, and as 87% of video marketers boast a positive ROI, we can see why that is. Using video allows Mars to dynamize and advertise their written content to attract top talent, and with great success. For example, see how they use video to entice candidates to view employee insights on the Mars x PathMotion discussion site:

Social media is treated with care at Mars, using it both to share new recruitment content and supplement their existing efforts. And note, the strategies used are not out of the ordinary – what makes Mars truly stand out is the sense of sincerity from their brand, which can be attributed to their ethos. 

What makes Mars unique?

It is authenticity which sets Mars apart from others. Their employer branding posts are not in stark contrast to their typical messaging – for example, they address diversity and inclusion year round and make it their mission to do so (check out their hashtag #TomorrowStartsToday).

Their workforce, and their stories, are what ties their corporate and employer brand together. It is employees that work on social projects externally and it is them who can vouch that the same sentiments are carried out internally. As an example, see Mars’ commitment to gender equality below. Year on year they address this in their corporate mission and employer brand – the bridge between the two being employees. They are the advocates and proof of Mars’ consistent work on this. 

Today a brand’s authenticity is valued above all else, with the rise of conscious consumers and candidates demanding the rise of equally conscious brands. So, when creating recruitment content, ensure that honesty and openness are your priorities – voice your practices, improvements, and allow staff of all levels to say their piece too. This will be appreciated by candidates and hopefully invoke a sense of belonging.

Mars does this well by keeping topics like equality, climate change, and more in conversation, as well as providing various groups in the workplace for employees to connect with like-minded people. Combined with celebrating their employees of various backgrounds, Mars has made it clear that people from all walks of life are desired and valued. By showing inclusion as opposed to assimilation is the way forward, Mars’ messaging promotes feelings of belonging within their organisation that can be felt by onlooking candidates.   

How can you use recruitment content like Mars?

In summary:

  • Leverage your employee stories today
  • Use their stories and share them on socials through video and other dynamic formats to attract top talent 
  • Most importantly, be authentic in your pursuits both as a brand and as an employer – candidates want to join a company they can count on
  • Make sure your content shows that you include rather than assimilate 

We can help

PathMotion enhances your recruitment strategy through connecting your employees’ stories with job candidates via our online, integrable discussion platform. 

Employee stories dynamize recruitment content by legitimising company policies, addressing unique questions in real time, and covering an array of topics. This provides candidates insight into real, credible, and authentic experiences that will help inform their application decision – accelerating talent acquisition and improving employer branding.

Personal employee stories can be shared through online discussions, live chat events, video content, and social media integrations

Organisations like Air France, Deloitte, Post Office, AXA, the NHS, and more choose PathMotion to increase their qualified applicants by over 200% and improve their job offer acceptance rate by 65%.

Take a look at our platform and see if it’s the right fit for you.

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