Meet candidates where they are: Social storytelling for talent attraction

Repurposing Edition

Repurposing recruitment content is a sure-fire way of gaining control of your return-on-investment. In our recent blogs – if you have been lucky enough to read them – you will have seen us highlight this concept over and over again. With in-house recruiters taking more control over their marketing efforts, it is key to prevent becoming bogged down in the process of creating new content week on week, if not daily. Instead, repurpose existing materials and assets to maximise efforts, save time, and, most importantly, preserve the sanity of the recruitment marketing team.

If you want to find out a bit more about repurposing content and haven’t read our latest blogs have a look below:

Once content is repurposed, the job is not yet done. Marketers also need to ensure that the newly revitalised content is seen by their favoured candidates. To influence a desired candidate pool with repurposed content, you must then find the best social platform to reach them on. Today, we will help you do just that.

Which platform should you use?

The social media platform you share content on matters. To be tactical with your employer brand strategy, you need to meet ideal candidates where they are – on the platforms of their choice, communicating in ways they want to hear and see. 

The type of candidate you want to attract dictates which platform you should use and what content to show. So without further ado, let’s see who is using what:


With LinkedIn holding around 740 million users across 200 countries and regions, it is imperative that you take the time to find out if your target talent are amongst the LinkedIn masses, waiting for you. Once you do so, your recruitment efforts can be streamlined to attract your preferred candidates – who are more than likely one of the 40 million people using LinkedIn to job search each week.

See our breakdown on who’s using this popular networking site:

LinkedIn Breakdown:

What does this tell us?
  1. There’s some tough competition

LinkedIn has some scope doesn’t it?

With so many job postings available and as many people to convince that your company is the one, it makes for stiff competition. But who doesn’t like a challenge? Top competition requires a top employer brand, so make sure you are in the running by showing off your unique benefits.

Ask yourself – Which employee stories showcase this best? Which company perk is attractive enough to stand out? Will your repurposed material entice the candidate you want, yet still be insightful?

  1. It’s the best place to find international talent 

Do you want your company to be reflective of the world? LinkedIn seems the best place to make this happen.

Combined with the rise and necessity of Work From Home, now is the perfect time to reach out to global talent. Based in Europe? Extend your sales outreach by seeking candidates in Asia! The opportunities on this network for talent growth are endless.

Try repurposing in multiple languages too.

  1. It’s millennial central

Seeking junior to mid level talent? Look no further. Talent potential is high and these candidates are hungry for opportunities (particularly in the current climate). 

We recommend sharing content that shows off chances of role progression, company values, and any social changes you are contributing to – this is the age of conscious candidates, after all.

Millennial candidates are uncompromising in what they want from a company’s benefit system too, so sharing material on this is a requirement.

  1. Extra care is needed to attract non-male talent 

A greater effort is needed to segment and cater to non-male talent given their large male user base. Share stories about non-male talent in your workforce and include any programmes you may have to boost this talent. This will help you stand out as a true equal opportunity employer.

Bear in mind that LinkedIn only provides gender options Male and Female.

  1. Candidates may be more inclined to buy into your values

As the most trusted platform, candidates can rest easy knowing all companies and job opportunities are legitimate – allowing them to zone in on brand content. 

Ensure your company maintains this sense of credibility by using company statistics, employee stories, case studies and the likes to draw in the wealth of talent on this platform. For candidates to consider you as an option, you must first gain their trust as an employer.


Facebook is the most used social media channel in the world. Yet, given the rise of fake news, which was rife on this site, many view their trustworthiness as contentious. Companies need to take extra care when marketing opportunities here.

Facebook Breakdown

What does this tell us?
  1. Mobile optimise

With only 4% of users not on mobile devices, repurposed content must be optimised for mobile devices. 80.5% are accessing Facebook on Android devices, so take particular care in designing content to fit these gadgets. This will give candidates the best end-to-end experience.

  1. Steer people to ‘corporate’ Facebook

As people are still primarily using Facebook to connect with friends and family, some creative marketing is needed to help talent realise that Facebook is also a space to seek job roles.

Additionally, users will only like 1 Facebook page in a lifetime – so how can you make it yours? Repurpose with flair by using video, imagery, and employee stories to show users they can build a ‘work family’ with you.

  1. Ensure you seem trustworthy

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica fiasco deeply affected public trust. Accompanied now by their recent stint with Australia, where Facebook are now blocking Australian users’ news feeds in retaliation to new legislation, it seems that this platform continues to have some friction with its userbase.

Combat Facebook’s precarious reputation by legitimising your brand in any way possible. Employees are your best advocates, so make their insights the forefront of repurposing campaigns. Followed by client testimonials and other concrete information, these steps will ensure that your company is seen as credible and a worthwhile place to apply.


Twitter is essentially a running commentary of everyone’s lives – from the mundane to the hilarious. It is a storytelling hub and every business should be utilising this platform to show their company narrative.

Twitter Breakdown

What does this tell us?
  1. Break out your inner comedian

Unlike the previous social sites, companies can truly let their hair down on Twitter. Laughter is what fuels social storytelling here – memes, comedic videos, roast wars, and everything in between brings joy to this platform.  

How can you join in on the giggles? 

Do you have any blogs on 2020 predictions that are far off base (for obvious reasons)? Why not share it and encourage others to join in on the joke. Or have your colleagues share funny lockdown moments – pets going wild on video calls, days blurring into one? Share them! Laughter unites and humanises your organisation, and candidates will definitely be attracted to these moments.

  1. Get stuck in

Twitter is unique in the way it encourages the mingling of businesses and potential customers (and candidates). A top tier example of this is the recent Weetabix x Heinz collaboration that caused a social media storm.

How can you replicate? Gather all your partnered material and see if your company and theirs can ignite a social stir (however small or large) based on the content. A simple poll, partnered picture, or video will suffice. This will expose you to your partner’s talent pool, get you on the map, and definitely make you a memorable name for candidates!

Is it worth considering other channels?

Companies are getting creative with their social storytelling. Some are now diverging from the social media triopoly (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and developing ingenious ways to reach top talent. For example, McDonald’s have optimised their recruitment process by allowing candidates to begin their application using voice activated devices Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Not only is this a fun way to apply for jobs, it also helps increase application accessibility for those with disabilities. 

Meanwhile TikTok, the newly emerged social video platform, has seen videos on careers and recruiting gain massive popularity. Many agree that this platform is the key to reaching younger, untapped talent pools and is another arena where companies can showcase their EVP and personality – see Give A Grad A Gos channel for inspiration.

With the social scene hotting up and more and more channels looking viable to recruitment possibilities, it is well worth checking out talent marketing options available. It seems that TikTok and other non-traditional professional spheres (Instagram, Clubhouse, etc) may be the rising stars of recruitment marketing.

How can PathMotion re-energise your recruitment efforts?

PathMotion believes that the key to winning the war for talent is storytelling.

Employee stories can be harnessed to improve the informative value, engagement, and appeal of recruitment content that helps to inform and attract top candidates. Your employees’ experiences can be shared via online discussions, live chat events, video content, and social media integrations. This improves the candidate experience, employer brand, talent acquisition and speed of recruiting.

Companies such as Mars, the NHS, Deloitte, Nokia, Citi and more have chosen the PathMotion way of improving recruitment experiences.

Find out more at and follow @PathMotion on Twitter. 

Take a look at our platform and see if it’s the right fit for you.


LinkedIn Breakdown

Facebook Breakdown


Twitter Breakdown


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