Repurposing employee stories: Which ones are best?

The bottom line of employee stories is to inform candidates of workplace realities so that they are compelled to apply. Employee stories provide a more immersive experience, add credibility to business protocol, and allow insight to workplace nuances – the implicit do’s and don’ts not obvious to an outsider, the rapport within departments, where not to buy lunch in the local area.

Whether stories are within a leather-bound book or embedded within a career site, they stand the test of time only when they engage with the reader. People want to be engaged and enthralled by what they read, so how do you give this to them?

Best stories to use

The Attention Grabbers

The siren call of marketers. An obvious contender that is unmatched in its ability to coax onlookers into their alluring content depths. The function of these stories is pure efficacy, as once a candidate has read one exciting story on a platform they will no doubt be looking for others.

Take this example from The British Army:

(I – Jenny here – will hold my hands up and say I clicked on this story and proceeded to power through other BA insights, to the point where two hours had gone by unnoticed. Attention grabbers = mission accomplished.)

Assess the magnetism of your stories, pick the best ones to draw in top talent, and repurpose in dynamic formats to maximise engagement.

The Must Haves

Riddle me this – what do all candidates want to know yet few companies consistently promote?
Company and role information – (including but not limited to benefits, salary, work/life balance, life in the organisation, clients)

Did you know?

  • Company Information is a Top 3 candidate question topic in the Telecoms, Technology and Software, Retail, and Banking sector (to name a few)
  • Role Description is a Top 3 candidate question topic in the Technology and Software, Transport and Logistics, Public, and Legal sector (plus more)

(PathMotion, 2020)

^Company information Wiser style

These topics should be circulated often. They are at the forefront of every candidate’s mind when job hunting; the first item in need of ticking on their Great Employer checklist. Once this requirement is satisfied, candidates can set aside their fiscal and occupational worries to focus on the more cogent material you provide on values, culture, and so forth.  

The Unique to You’s

What makes your company the Porsche in a world of Ford Fiestas? 

Don’t get me wrong, a Fiesta is a stand-up durable and reliable car, but there is something about a Porsche that no other car can provide – the main component being a sense of exclusivity.

So, think about what stories you can repurpose to showcase unique company offerings that top candidates will want to have a stake in.

What is one of ours at PathMotion?

A company retreat!

Company culture
*Disclaimer this occurred during a COVID-free time

Now, very luxurious items have been mentioned, i.e. a high-end car and a very generous company trip, but company offerings do not need to be this fantastical. Are you hosting virtual drinks nights, do you give a paid day off on birthdays, or have open discussion ‘town hall’ meetings free of judgement? Anything that you value and take pride in is unique to your business and worth (re)sharing. 

The Myth Dispellers

Have you adapted or expanded your strategy in recent years? Whether this relates to your offering or policies, repurposing your myth dispelling content frequently allows incoming candidates to be informed of your company’s shift.  

Who has done this best? 


Fondly known for its durable brick phone (faint memories of owning a pastel pink brick are coming back), Nokia is a global network leader and is now a spearhead in the 5G movement. Yet, they are still recognised for a phone they made over 20 years ago! 

Nokia do indeed still make phones, however their reach and expertise is (and has been) far wider than this. The best way to communicate their story of change, and inject it into the public consciousness, is to repurpose it into digestible formats that can be viewed by old and new generations of candidates – which they have done!

Which of your stories help clarify company changes and your actual propositions?

PathMotion helps share your

employee stories

Companies such as Mars, the NHS, Deloitte, AXA, Citi and more have chosen the PathMotion way of sharing their stories and improving recruitment experiences. 

PathMotion connects job candidates directly to real employees via the company’s career website. Employees act as company advocates by sharing their experiences with candidates who use these insights to help inform their application decision.

Employee stories can be shared via online discussions, live chat events, video content, and social media integrations. This improves the candidate experience and employer brand, as well as accelerating talent acquisition and recruiting. 

Find out more at and follow @PathMotion on Twitter.

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