3 Key Ways to Show Your Employer Value

What is valuable to candidates?

The recruitment process has transformed from one which focused on basic information (skills, education, salary etc) into a complex candidate-centred experience, where potential applicants are treated like consumers. Companies are competing for top talent and in order to show their employer value, they must now delight and engage candidates through content and interaction.

However, it is not as simple as just churning out content in the hopes that it entices desirable candidates. They want their experience with a company to be memorable and, most importantly, valuable. Then, the vital question is what is actually valuable to candidates?

We have narrowed down three types of value that is desired from employers and can easily be provided to potential applicants:

employer value

1. Informative value

Informative value is most important during the early stages of recruitment. Company information is highly valuable to candidates as it allows them to make the most informed decisions when applying for a role. Because of this, provision of information also becomes valuable to companies. It encourages top talent to promptly determine whether they would like to work for a company which subsequently speeds up the search for a capable candidate.

The information potential applicants seek out has changed dramatically in recent years. Desirable topics have expanded from traditional subjects like benefits and role description and now reach wider areas that include diversity, role progression and challenges. In order to continue providing informative value to candidates, organisations must now meet the rising need for knowledge on wider areas to help candidates’ decision making process.

To do this, career sites should provide as much relevant and quality content on the company as possible. Avoiding a content gap is key to a stellar candidate experience as you satisfy candidates’ need for knowledge which can also reduce application stress. This deters them from going to third party sites which could provide unreliable and unfavourable information that can significantly impact your perceived employer value.

2. Educational value

Educational value is relevant throughout the recruitment process and can be provided through Q&A’s, interviews tips, interview feedback and so on. It is of great value to candidates as whether or not they are successful in their application, they still want to walk away with knowledge on how they can improve. 

Providing mentorship enhances the candidate experience as it shows that a company is not only an employer but an educator that nurtures talent. Mentorship eases candidates’ fears and worries during the application process and if an employer is already making an effort to educate, then candidates will know the same care will be provided once they are employed. Educational value can encourage applicants to reapply (if unsuccessful) or cause them to be very appreciative if they do succeed. 

The mentorship proposition is very appealing to candidates and can help drive in younger candidates who may desire this more, which helps with age diversity.

3. Emotional value

Showing support and encouragement is the cherry on top of a great candidate experience. Candidates may be nervous about the recruitment process, so giving them a vote of confidence can alleviate these feelings of self-doubt.

Emotional value can be provided by:

  • Having employees available to answer candidate questions throughout the recruitment process – this can give candidates support and insight as someone is always there to help guide them
  • Encouraging candidates who are engaging with the company and content to apply for a role (if they haven’t already) – this shows that their efforts and potential are being recognised
  • Continuing to provide support to unsuccessful, but talented candidates – why not add them on LinkedIn? If another role comes up, could they be well suited for it?

Job hunting can be difficult and at times disheartening. By giving candidates a moral boost it makes an otherwise clinical process personal. Treating them like just another CV amongst hundreds is bound to lead to a company being disliked and forgotten. However, if talented candidates are treated as individuals who deserves the time to be listened to and supported, this will leave a lasting impression. The company will be seen favourably both as an employer and a considerate brand.

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