The NHS and Employee Advocacy: A success story

In a candidate-driven market, it’s harder and harder for organisations to turn candidates into employees with many job hunters turning to online employer reviews as part of their research efforts. In fact, when researching a company and job opportunity, candidates find 80% of information from sources other than the company website according to CEB Global.

Why? They’re not getting the information they want from your careers website.

The number one obstacle candidates experience when searching for a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organisation. Candidates trust employees three times more than the company to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there. Templated testimonials and stock photography will no longer cut it.

Authentic stories — from real life employees — are one of the most powerful ways to increase the emotional connection that a candidate feels toward your brand and to increase the likelihood that they will apply.

The NHS, Britain’s National Health Service, is on a mission to hire the top talent to their Leadership Academy every year. However, as a public organisation, they face a number of challenges when it comes to the right candidates — even with a well-known, trusted brand. Keep reading to see how they are leveraging the PathMotion platform to showcase storytelling for their employee advocates.


Conversion and Employer Advocacy

  1. Attract and convert top talent to fill 100 places in the Graduate Management Scheme’s Leadership Academy – a highly competitive programme with over 12k applications per year.
  2. Communicate (through employee advocacy) the mission, values, and unique impact of working at the NHS to persuade target candidates that it’s the right choice for them.

Candidate Experience

  1. Keeping candidates engaged to ensure a great candidate experience

Process Efficiencies

  1. Help candidates make more informed decisions about whether the NHS Leadership Academy is the right choice for them, deselecting out of the process if not, thus reducing the workload for their HR team.
  2. Control costs for the organisation by helping them do more with less resource.

Results of Employee Advocacy

The NHS Leadership Academy has seen some impressive results since implementing the PathMotion platform:

  • In a 12-month period from 2017  to 2018, the platform saw 12,500 unique visitors and 44,800 page views – with 56% coming from social media channels
  • Since implementation in 2013, the platform has had over 1,000,000 page views
  • The most popular discussion has had over 28,000 page views, and each discussion receives 834 views on average
  • The most active candidates have viewed over 130 discussions each
  • The organisation has seen a 40% reduction in HR workload as result of fewer queries coming in
  • The organisation’s Live Chats received a 4.7/5 rating for helpfulness from participants

The organisation surveyed their new hires and found that 80% of those who had used the platform would recommend it to others, and 67% said the discussions on the platform affected their decision to accept the offer.  Employee advocacy via stories are a clear way to communicate values, mission, and persuade candidates to accept an offer.

Conversion - NHS Live Chat

How can we help?

PathMotion is an online discussion platform that connects talented candidates directly to real employees via the company’s career website.

PathMotion lets today’s digitally-savvy job seekers find the content they truly want by allowing employee advocates to share their personal stories through online discussions, live chat events, video content and social media integrations. The content can then be shared across social platforms and the career site – meaning that you only have to answer each question once (instead of hundreds of times)!

PathMotion helps improve the employer brand and accelerates talent acquisition and recruiting. Organisations like Air France, Deloitte, Post Office, AXA, the NHS, Citi and more choose PathMotion to increase their qualified applicants by over 200% and improve their job offer acceptance rate by 65%.

Find out more at and follow PathMotion on LinkedIn.

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