Top 5 Employment Branding Statistics for 2021

These stats are impacting your employer brand whether you are ready or not – find out how to differentiate your company from your competitors

Employment Branding (or employer branding) is growing as a top investment priority by well-known brands globally. Companies are investing in beautifully designed corporate videos and campaigns. And it isn’t just a trend.

If candidates’ are aware of your brand, you should be too. Whether you have a strategy or not – your employer brand still exists.

However, there is one thing your team must remember and that is – authenticity is key.

Authentic storytelling is accessible to everyone, not just teams with big budgets. To find out more about storytelling and why it is important read our dedicated eBook here.

1. 53% of people trust people like themselves when discussing an employer

The Edelman Barometer 2021 found that 53% of people trust people like themselves as a very/extremely credible source of information about a company. Whereas, only 40% of people trust CEOs as the spokesperson.

Read our blog on how Mars puts their employees at the forefront of their employer brand.


2. The top three channels SMBs plan to extend their employer brand are;
– Company website (69%)
– Online professional networks (61%)
– Social media (47%)

LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends found that SMB’s globally are looking to extend their employer brand across more channels. 69% of SMB’s have increased their focus on their career site. Therefore, It is paramount your career site offers up the information which candidates are asking for. Check out our latest eBook, to find out exactly what topics candidates have been asking questions on (and viewing the answers to) across our client’s platform over the past 3 years.


3. 73% of Millennials found their last position through social media

This means that if you aren’t shining on social, you are barely shining at all.
If a study by Aberdeen Group found that 73% of candidates are finding their last position through social media then it is imperative that you give social media the respect it deserves.

Check out this great blog on everyone social with some examples of how companies have used social media to help boost their employer brand.


4. 86% of people expect CEOs to publicly speak out about one or more of these societal challenges;
– Pandemic Impact
– Job Automation
– Societal Issues
– Local Community Issues

The Edelman Barometer 2021 found that people expect CEOs to publicly address societal issues. So, you need to take a stand for your brand. Conscious consumerism has bled into the way candidates search for employers because they want to know your values – the real ones. To put it simply, if you aren’t talking, they really aren’t listening.

With the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 and the rise in social concern for the environment (watch the new docufilm seaspiracy on Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet), you need to be answering even the most challenging questions that candidates ask. Even if the answer isn’t quite what you want it to be. 

Take a look at our eBook on how to create recruitment marketing content that answers candidates most challenging questions.


5. A strong employer brand reduces turnover by 28% and cost per hire by 50%

If there is one stat that you take to your stakeholders it’s this.
According to LinkedIn’s research, a strong employment brand can actually save you money. Which means your return on investment (ROI) is pretty high.


How can we help?

Companies such as Mars, the NHS, Deloitte, AXA, and more have chosen the PathMotion way to boost their employment brand.

PathMotion connects job candidates directly to real employees via the company’s career website. Employees act as company advocates by sharing their stories and experiences with candidates who use these insights to help inform their application decision.

Employee stories can be shared via online discussions, live chat events, video content, and social media integrations. This improves the candidate experience and employer brand, as well as accelerating talent acquisition and recruiting. 

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