How to grow your social employer brand

Employer vs employee – secrets to success

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What’s this about?

How students and grads think about work and their relationship with you as an employer has changed significantly this year. In a new post-COVID reality where the physical and digital collide, how should you be using social media to your advantage?

In this virtual discussion, we address the key questions and pain points of early talent that every employer can and should address on their social media.

What we cover

  • How you can flex your attraction campaign messaging to cut through the noise 
  • Survey insights: what do students and grads really want?
  • Data insights: what questions are on candidates’ minds?
  • Examples of powerful authenticity in employer branding
  • Maintaining a clear and consistent purpose with every post
  • Utilising employee advocacy to boost social presence
  • Leveraging data insights to improve your campaign performance
  • Candidate experience and showcasing how you take care of your people

Our hosts

Pathmotion: David Rivel, coFounder

Wiser: Alex Ayin, Marketing Director 

ebook: Static Recruitment Marketing is Dead!

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