Webinar-On-Demand: Let your Employer Brand Speak for Itself

Watch this webinar featuring our International Sales Director Nelly Davcheva, talking all things employer branding with Rolls Royce, Talend, and The British Army.

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Amplify your Employer Brand with tips from Rolls-Royce, Talend and The British Army.

Amplify your Employer Brand with tips from Rolls-Royce, Talend and The British Army.
Watch this webinar-on-demand to hear from employer branding and talent attraction leaders at Rolls-RoyceBritish Army and Talend on how they’re communicating with and through their most powerful asset, their people: current employees and candidates.

You’ll find out:
– Tips to keep communication, engagement and morale up amidst the pandemic
– Why employer and people brand focus is more important than ever
– Discover latest data around what is on job seekers’ minds and how to use this intel to fuel the future of your talent attraction.

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