What candidates really want to know in 2022

How can employers keep candidates engaged in 2022’s hyper-competitive recruitment market? Download your free copy of “What candidates really want to know in 2022” and discover the content your careers website must have in 2022.

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Hire the best talent by addressing their concerns before they apply

In a world of talent scarcity and higher candidate expectations, employers have to make a concerted effort to engage and connect with candidates in a deeper and more personal way. Our free report, based on analysis of over 27,000 candidate questions, will tell you what the best candidates need to know to choose your organisation.

  • Our findings from research based on over 27,000 candidate questions
  • All the hot topics jobseekers want to know about before they are ready to apply
  • Practical next steps to act on these insights in your organisation
  • Hire the best talent by addressing candidates’ key concerns

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