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Whatever your talent acquisition strategy, our solutions help you with diversity recruitment, authentic employer branding, and improving candidate experience.

Diversity recruitment: How to do it well

Diverse candidates have very granular questions they want to ask.

57% of companies believe they lose most of their diverse candidates upon visiting their career site – before they even click apply. Our talent acquisition tools will ensure you build the right content on your career site by enabling candidates to ask specific questions to diverse employees via our Always-On Q&A, Virtual Events and Video plug-ins.

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Authentic employer branding attracts the right talent

 Authenticity should be your first priority in employer branding. And storytelling is the best format to display authenticity. Our Always-On Q&A, Virtual Events, and Video plug-ins allow your employees to tell their stories and, at the same time, create fresh content which improves your SEO.

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How to improve candidate experience

The number one driver of a good candidate experience is access to the correct information. Our Always-On Q&A, Virtual Events, and Video plug-ins allow your candidates to ask specific questions they want answers to. Our technology helps them find the right information easily by categorising all questions and answers into topics.

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Loved by Employees

PathMotion is a platform that has always been effective for engaging early talent, but especially in the current climate where we can’t meet students face to face – PathMotion has provided a conversation with our EY people and potential candidates looking to join EY. It’s a platform that we use for strategic planning too – our live chats have huge value in supporting our student hiring objectives, and we’ve seen incredible uptake in results since March 2020 when the world moved to virtual interaction. We’re thrilled with the responses and results we see from PathMotion.

Verity Pope

PathMotion is a way of extending the conversation past physical events and physically meeting people. One of our worries right now is the fact that we can’t do face to face events for the time being – and how we try to get the level of engagement and quality of conversation carrying on. We’re going into the live chat element of PathMotion, focusing on people in the pipeline and we’ll be extending it to candidates who haven’t yet joined.

Emma Fulton

Candidates use PathMotion because they want to have a conversation with our employees; it’s a two way conversation vs a one way input. This enables them to ask specific questions that are on their mind and then allows us to re-leverage and repurpose that content.

Sandrine Halleux

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